We Will Continue Fight – Koeman

Benfica manager Ronald Koeman claims his Champions League underdogs weren’t finished with a competent scoreless home draw with Spanish giants Barcelona.

“We knew it before, and Barcelona showed again that they have a great team,” said the former Catalan European Cup hero. “They created a lot of chances, especially in the first half when we were nervous.”

“In the second half we improved, but overall Barcelona were better because they created more opportunities than us,” continued Koeman. “The last 20 minutes we were physically better and we were more dangerous.”

“Before this game they were the favourites and after this result they still are, but we will fight at the Camp Nou.”


  • Capt. Christopher

    Benfica may just take this game. Barcelona is due for a rebuff & many Spaniards might cheer for the Portugese to beat the Liga leader for spite. Should be a great match.

  • kicks22

    one goal from Benefica next week would really make Barcelona sweat. but then again, who would be surprised with a 3-0 Barca victory…