Wrist Injury Sidelines Lampard

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has been ruled out of tonight’s England Euro 2008 qualifier with Andorra after breaking his wrist in training.

Lampard has faced a large amount of criticism following England’s disappointing draw with Israel on Saturday and there had been numerous calls for him to be dropped, but this decision is now out of boss Steve McClaren’s hands as Lampard is no longer available.

The 28-year-old suffered the injury when he was hit by a shot from Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney during a training session on Monday.

The news has not been confirmed, but an FA spokesman said: “Frank Lampard is in the team hotel and may or may not be in the team tonight.”

Lampard has been criticised for failing to recapture his club form at international level as he struggles to play in the same team as Steven Gerrard.


  • Scotty

    So Lamaprd has a boo boo on his wrist huh? Man,Well let’s look on the bright side here. If he’s left out of the squad maybe Mac can do what I said should be done which is to put Gerrard in the middle & try something different on the flanks. It can’t be any worse than what they have been doing up to this point.

  • yoyo

    Well no Lampard on the field certainly didn’t hurt Gerrard’s play today. He scored England’s first 2 goals and was really the only guy who looked capable of scoring when the match was in doubt. I will continue to agree with you on this one Scotty. Let Gerrard roam the middle. Let Lamps sit unless Stevie G needs a rest.

  • Ghost Rider

    No Surprise, as soon as Lampard sits, Gerrard has his best game for England in a while.

  • Scotty

    Yep guys’ just as we talked about with Lampard out of the picture England’s midfield just seem’s to run a lot better. As I stated before, put Gerraed in the middle & try different situations on the flanks & tha’s exactly what happened. They used Hardgreaves & Lennon on the flanks & the midfield seemed more fluid. I still think Mac’s day’s are numbered & they should bring on board Big Sam from Bolton. What do you guys’ think?

  • phil

    just like beckham, lampard is way over rated and should be banned from international play. and with his broken wrist keeping him out of the israel game only proved that gerrard is the right man for the job.