Zidane Shortlisted For Fifa World Player Of The Year

Zinedine Zidane (a three-times winner), last year’s winner Ronaldinho and European Player of the year Fabio Cannavaro have been named as the three remaining candidates on the final shortlist for this year’s Fifa World Player of the Year award – which means France and Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has missed out again.

Henry was the only player to appear in the finals of both the Champions League and the World Cup last season, though he finished on the losing side both times.

The winner of the award will be revealed on 18 December. It is voted for by the coach and the captain of each of the 207 national teams, who each pick their top three players of the year.

Italy and Real Madrid defender Cannavaro picked up the Ballon D’Or award for European Footballer of the Year earlier this week.

Barcelona and Brazil forward Ronaldinho won the World award in each of the last two seasons and is one of the favourites again this year.

Zidane retired from playing football after the World Cup final last summer, though he was sent off in that match, which was not planned. He could win the award for a fourth time, following his recognition in 1998, 2000 and 2003.

The women’s award category sees Kristine Lilly (USA), Renate Lingor (Germany) and Marta (Brazil) shortlisted.


  • Ghost Rider

    ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. For disgracing the game in its biggest match, what’s your punishment?? FIFA PLAYER OF THE YEAR! It’s nice to see FIFA sending a clear message. Sportsmanship doesn’t really count for a whole lot. Zidane had a good 2nd half against Spain and Great game against Brazil. THAT’S IT! Hardly enough to earn Player of the Year.

  • arse

    thats stupid. henry led both of his teams to the finals and got unlucky not to win. he should be number one on that shortlist

  • Heath Young

    Regardless of who would get bumped to make way for him, I think it’s a travesty for Henry to not make the short list.

    Though I found him to be a non-factor for large stretches during France’s World Cup matches, he still showed up at key points to produce important goals, which is all you really ask of a striker. As for club contribution, I can’t realy fathom any argument that a player made a greater impact for his club than Henry for Arsenal. His form in league matches was sizzling and helped them quite a bit along the way to the Champions League final. You can’t argue with results, and being the only player to make both the World Cup and Champions League finals says quite a bit.

    It’s pretty difficult to understand him being left off the short list.

  • DynastySoccerFC …Rasputin

    Hi again Heath ….

    You know, the situation with Henry. I’m pretty much at a loss. For the most part he’s a clean player & has little trouble with the Ref’s. He’s a great player as well so my only thought is somebody does not like him for some reason & anyways, like 99.9% of everything in life …It’s politics! Even these silly awards! As for Zidane, well, I can’t believe the soccer world is still talking about him & I bet he can’t believe he’s still being yapped about either! Zidane checked out of the soccer world sometime ago & has never looked back & I don’t really think he has much concern about any awards.

  • Myles

    Yeah you hit the bullseye! All these awards are pointless & based on politics & stroking somebody’s ego. What really determines who gets what is based on how much money a national federation pushes into the pockets of the people who vote on these boards & nothing else. Money talks! The player who has the most money backing him & the most powerful people of influence in their corner wins! FIFA already has their determined poster boys.

  • Teddy Bear Tom

    I have to throw in my lot with the above two post. Soccer nowadays is about what or who can raise the most profit. It’s about money & who can raise the most amount of money. Top level soccer players nowadays are just whores who sell themselves to the one’s that dish out the highest amount of money. Gone are the days where players went out & played the game based on honor & passion for the sport. The sport has lost it’s soul. Just like the rest of us. All in the name of money.

  • Bebebobo

    This has to be the best post I’ve ever read on this site as it’s true.

  • Dennis Law

    Thank the Italian’s for doing this to our most Holy of sports.

  • Keeeper King

    This is defenitely not cool. I don’t think Zidane should have even made it into the running for F.I.F.A. player of the year even if he hadn’t headbutted Matarazzi. I don’t think Zidane had a very good season. So, I think someone like Robinho or another young player should have made it to the final because they have skillz and play fair and have heart. Also I think Thierry Henry should have still made It to the Final. Also I agree with Myles, ‘Money Talks’.

  • g- rat

    Zidane shouldn’t have even been considered after what he did in the world cup final. Ronaldinho should win, but he did better last season.

  • hugh

    this is insane
    this is a bunch of old overweight european men who are probably all bald sitting around a table choosing other white guys plus 1 brazilian just because hes brazilian and won last year.

    DIDIER DROGBA, and THIERRY HENRY, should be on here. forget the italian and the brazilian. Canavarro doesnt have ability to dominate a game the way that Drogba, henry or Zidane can, plus he doesnt have the flair and beauty in the way that he plays.+ronaldinho was terrible this year.

    by the way
    go ARSE below me

  • wolfen

    Henry is at the top of the list,than Buffon who really made the difference and literally won a cup by himself,(but unfortunatelly keepers are not recognized),the only thing I remember Zidane for was the Brazil game amd the head butt?? is that enough.

  • Zidane’s fact

    Zidane is one of three best footballers of all time, Pele,Maradona and Zidane, thats no doubt. I think people who understand,love and enjoy the game of football would agree with this. Zidane is the perfection of the game ! All footballers in this world could have played the ball stupidily and made mistakes, but for Zidane all the balls are perfectly handled with brains…

  • Teddy Bear Tom

    Zidane looks like Mr. Magoo.