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Congratulations, you are officially a SOCCER.COM PlayerPass customer. As a PlayerPASS customer, we are here to ensure that your player gets on the field looking their best long before that first kickoff.

Your club has partnered with us to bring you a professional uniform ordering experience. Everything you see on your team’s PlayerPASS site is custom-created, in our state-of-the-art fulfillment center specifically for your player. playerpass help pageLegendary Team Service Since 1984

General Questions

What size should I order?+
On each item page, by clicking on the sizing tab you will see a full sizing chart and any customer generated sizing advice. Each item has been measured and those exact measurements show up in the sizing chart shown below each item. Note: when ordering, make sure that you are selecting youth verses adult sizing where appropriate. Sizing Chart
What number is my child?+
You will find your child’s number in the initial PlayerPASS email that you received from us. Your child’s number can also be found next to their name if you select their team from the dropdown menu on the left hand side of the page.
Can I add to/edit the roster?+
No, your club/team has to make any/all roster changes.
What items am I required to order?+
Check out your team’s page, there is a “required” at the top that will show you all required items from your team. There are also filters on the left hand side of the page where you can choose to see only the required items. These items are also flagged in the corner of the image with a red banner.
Why aren’t my team items available in youth/women’s sizing?+
Not all products are made in a women’s or youth sizing. If an item is a women’s product, then “women’s” or “girl’s” will appear in the product name. Otherwise, the product is a “unisex” or “men’s cut."
Why aren’t youth sizes  available for women’s product? +
Many of our brands do not make youth sizes for their women’s product. if that’s the case, you will need to order the youth size of the unisex/men’s jersey available on your player’s page.
Can I still order previous year’s uniforms? +
If your club has chosen new uniforms, we highly recommend  that you order those uniforms. If you feel that you need to order a previous uniform, please contact your club for more information.
Why are two of the same item showing as required?+
If your club selected a women’s fit style, that will likely result in two images appearing of the same items. Women’s product are different styles and are only offered in adult sizes. To offer the youth fit as well, we need to show the same item in the unisex fit.
What if I don’t need a specific item (women’s items, youth items, men’s items) in my required items collection?+
If you don’t need an item that shows up in your required collection, put a 0 in the “quantity” and proceed to check out.

Customization Questions

Can I change the customization on a required item? +
No, your team administrators have set the customization style and options.
The name/number on my item is peeling off?+
We guarantee all of our customization. Please contact us to have the product fixed or replaced.
Can I put my or my child’s name or number on an item that doesn’t already have it on it? +
Your club/team/administrators have designated the items that get a name and number. However, if you would like to add them to something else, you can order through SOCCER.COM as a customer. (It is worth noting that your team has chosen the gear that gets a name and number and any additional gear you choose to customize may not be approved by your team.)
Why does customization take longer? +
While our customization department does work around the clock, customized items do have to be pulled from stock, sorted, customized and processed. During busy times of the year, customization can significantly lengthen ship times. Note: custom made items also require manufacturing time, shipping to us, customization, and then shipping to you. The decision to use those types of products falls on the club admins.
Why can’t I return customized items?+
Each item is customized to an individual and we can’t resell a jersey that has been customized for that specific player. If SOCCER.COM is at fault due to a customization error (like placing a 6 instead of a 9 or misspelling a name that was spelled correctly by the customer) we will replace your item.
Can I order a custom team t-shirt?+
Your club may have a fan gear site with SOCCER.COM where you can purchase customized club gear. If you would like to place an order for a team set of items, please contact us for pricing.
Common abbreviations on PlayerPASS items:+
  • Y – youth
  • Ro – royal
  • Sc – red
  • Gr - green
  • Dg – dark green
  • Yl – yellow
  • Sk – light blue
  • Bk – black
  • Gd – gold
  • Or – orange
  • Nv – navy
  • Pi – pink
  • Pu – purple
  • Flo – fluorescent orange
  • Flg – fluorescent green
  • Sv – gray
  • Wh – white
  • Sb – red/black
  • Wb – white/black
  • Rb – royal/black
  • Br – brown
  • Car – cardinal
  • Ma - maroon

Shipping/Delivery Questions

Does two-day shipping always just take two days?+
Production time plays a role in when the item actually ships. Because customization requires processing, the items actually ships once customization is finished via 2-day air. We will provide you with an approximate shipping date at the time of your order.
Why do all items ship together? Customized and non-customized? +
In order to keep shipping cost down for you, we ship all product at the same time (unless there is a backordered item, that will ship separately).
Can you expediate my order? +
We currently do not have a way to expedite PlayerPASS orders.
Why are other members of my team receiving their orders more quickly? +
It depends on what they ordered, different customization techniques can take different amounts of time. This is also true of embroidered logos verses heat press logos
Why are required team items on backorder?+
In order to avoid backorder issues, we project what we think the club will need based on the # of players and the age groups and we stock more than what we think you will need. At times, the club will add teams that we didn’t prepare for or a group of players buy a different size than expected, causing backorder issues.

Discounts & Costs

Can I use discount promos with my PlayerPASS order?+
You are able to use promotional source codes, including shipping discount codes, on your PlayerPASS order.  There are times where our promotional codes are not valid with PlayerPASS orders and that will be communicated during the check out process.
Can I use my Goal Club Discount?+
Your club has negotiated a discounted price for all of your club products. This discount prevents additional Goal club discounts on PlayerPASS product. If you are a goal club member, you will receive goal club points for your order.

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