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Image of adidas F50 adizero XTRX SG - Infrared/Running White/Bright Blue is not availble

Customer reviews for adidas F50 adizero XTRX SG - Infrared/Running White/Bright Blue

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Good boot, just needed some minor tweaks. - May 05, 2013
Player: Jose Reyes (Campbell, Ohio)

I have to say that this boot surprised me in mostly good ways but also in some bad ones. The fit is really good. It has a nice comfortable fit and the sprint web does a good job at securing the boot. The Goleo leather is not bad but by no means is it what I would consider premium. It is made to be more light weight. However it is soft and offers a nice feel on the ball. The synthetic is nice and the inside of the boot is completely lined in sythetic suede. This is great. Actaully the performance of this boot is just great overall. I did have some problems with it. First of all these are soft ground boots. While the studs grip well and don't let you loose your footing, The leather needs some upgrading. The leather as I said isn't the best, and while it is good it does absorb a significant amount of water. I feel like adidas could have water proofed the leather or could have at least made it water resistant. Even though these shoes are soft ground shoes, I still expected them to stay somewhat light weight. That is the only thing keeping this shoe from recieving a higher score. Everything else is good typical F50 adiZero performance. The touch is nice and so is the strike. The comfort is pretty good depsite the lack of padding. I just was left wanting a little bit more in terms of quality with these boots. Otherwise I wold say pick these boots up. They are at a decent price and they are in my opinion worth the discounted price. I also feel as if I was a littl harsh on this review considering I have seen major improvements in the latest addition to the F50 adiZero Leather. Just realize that these shoes are going to require time to dry out after games. Other wise this is a great shoe. I also wish adidas would give you some extras. The only extra you get is the stud key. It is also worth noting that replacement studs are hard to find for these shoes. When you do find them they are actually a little expensive in my opinion. Still a good bot.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 reviews | 1 |