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Customer reviews for adidas Copa Mundial

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TBE - Aug 19, 2014
Player: oscar (Iron Station)

The best ever
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Defender Review - Mar 16, 2014
Player: Konrad (Chicago)

This shoes seem good at first and there really nice. There really comfortable and they fit right. The only problem with these is that there not durable at all. I had these for barely 2 months and the outside part/toe where you kick with breaks apart really quickly. I think most players look for durability and trust me, these shoes are not one of them.
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One of the best leather cleats you can buy - Mar 08, 2014
Player: J-money (Kalamazoo MI )

These shoes are made with the most top quality leather a boot could have. The boot is in no way heavy or bulky. The leather forms to your foot nicely and offers a very comfortable and tight fit. I wear size 8us usually but with these I went down to a 6. Get them tight because they stretch. Great touch with these too
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Amazing simplicity - Feb 19, 2014
Coach: Soccer coach (Texas)

These boots are simply just amazing. I've known about the Copa Mundial's for a long long time now. I've been one who looked for the newest in technology expecting the best each time I bought a new pair of cleats. Although there are many great boots out there with the newest technology, they do not compare to the greatness of the Copa Mundial’s. I was always hesitant to purchase the Copa's even knowing the reviews were outstanding simply because these were boots designed decades ago. Well… Some things just simply remain perfect after years of being in existence. Adidas has this in the Copa Mundial. One of the best all around soccer boots of all time and the proof is there. I AM A BELEIVER! These boots are heaven on my feet. After a several friends recommended I should just try them… and seeing other players and coaches still wearing them, I finally gave in. I ordered my first pair this week and tried them out at practice yesterday. The leather is the finest Kangaroo I’ve experienced in a boot. Even being just out of the box, they were better than my broken in Nike Premier’s. They are way better than my Adipure’s and Lotto’s that I’ve tried in the past. The touch on the ball feather like and will only get better as these boots break in and conform to my foot even more. If you are like me and are holding out from not buying into the hype of these boots, forget about it. Buy these boots. You will not regret. I will now by one of the newer colors for my daughter. Well done Adidas!!
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Incredible Classic Boot - Oct 24, 2013
Player: Mikal Wagner (Carbondale, Illinois)

I bought these boots because I was on somewhat of a budget but wanted a good pair of soccer cleats to play in. Normally I usually wear Nike cleats and have almost always gone with total 90 series and the ctr360 series. This is truly the first pair of Adidas cleats I have decided to try out on pitch and I'm not disappointed. I usually wear a size 9 U.S. Nike and I have narrow feet, but had to get a much smaller size in these. I actually had to get a size 7 U.S. but expect to most likely have to compensate a smaller size of about half or one whole size. I think my size was because I have very small feet. These cleats run more narrow than most other modern Adidas cleats I tried on predators/adipures which is why I usually go back to Nike but these are certainly an exception to the Adidas norm.The break in time was longer than what I expected about 6-8 hours of playing time, but when they finally did they fit like a glove and are extremely comfortable! The best cleats I have owned! Chelsea Dubin Leather Food helped the break in process and also helped with water proofing. These cleats are definitely an excellent buy compared to the usual price I had to pay for Nike total 90s and ctr 360s 200-300$. These cleats are very durable and touch on the ball is impeccable. I may never go back to synthetic again. I was hesitant switching from Nike to Adidas but these cleats have taken all my worries away. Even with narrow feet these cleats molded very well. I will definitely be buying another pair soon when they feature the new colors for the 2014 world cup.
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Classic boot for a classy game - Oct 22, 2013
Coach: Johann (Merritt Island, FL USA)

While searching for my next set of boots, I was mesmerized with the variety of great shoes available. The colors, the technology, the song and dance. I have gone through many expensive boots that were fun looking but didn't have the durability I expected for the prices I was paying. I finally caved in and wanted to find out for myself why a boot that has been around so long was still hanging around with the new boys in town. Well, I have been pleasantly surprised. The simple design and comfort of the kangaroo leather is classically refreshing. The leather molds around your foot better than most boots because it's one continuous cut of leather...no synthetic blend of spliced materials. The touch is true and better yet, this boot is made to last. The cost-benefit is on the Copa's side as well. Overall, very happy to use this boot for many years. Thank you Adidas and Soccer.com!
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Great support but heavy & sized long - Oct 09, 2013
Player: Harold ( USA)

They feel great, but they are heavy compared to other boots I've had in the past and are a run long for thinner feet keep that in mind when ordering. I had to go down a full size.
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soccer boot review - Sep 28, 2013
Player: sunshinw (KY)

This boot is the most pragmatic boot probably to date. Its simplicity and its durability is unmatched. Not only that but its one of a select few boots that are versatile for any position. I'm ecstatic that I have it.
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Still going strong - Sep 13, 2013
Coach: TIM (CT)

Just browsing around for boots and decided to look at the Copas on this site. I've worn these boots for 30 yrs. 2 pairs in that time frame, and saw all the reviews. Had to check them out. Everybody says what I'm thinking. I've played for 20 yrs., coaching since with these boots. Originally tagged from Germany. My second pair made in Indonesia. Still great craftsmanship. Feed your Kangaroo leather and they WILL last along time. Touch and response, GREAT. The feeling of slipping them on after a previous match or training in inclement weather is great, snug and form fitting after getting wet. Going to buy another pair in future. Still trying to convince my teens to try a pair. Guess they're not colorful enough. Their loss. teens
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Shoe Sizing - Sep 04, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous (Canada)

Shoe sizing is not true to size and seem to run about a 1/2 size bigger. Hubby is typically a 9 in the indoor turf shoe and this shoe was a bit big in the same size.
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