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Customer reviews for Umbro Speciali R Pro HG - Pearlized White/Black/Vivid Blue

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GREAT SHOE! - Feb 17, 2013
Player: SM (Pittsburgh, PA)

I am a division 1 college goalkeeper in the United States and I have worn these shoes for the past 5 years now! They are made of excellent kangaroo leather and are unbelievably comfortable! These fit right to your foot, and feel as though they are already worn in once you put them on! I have had a pair for an entire fall and spring college season and they are still looking great! I will buy these shoes again, especially now that they are almost 50 off compared to the last time I purchased a pair! I have a very wide foot and this shoe fits perfectly! I would compare them to adidas profi ligas that I used to wear that are no longer being sold! I would also slightly compare them to Puma Kings- good sturdy kangaroo leather! Overall a great shoe and a great buy!
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Great value purchase! - Feb 05, 2013
Coach: Waco Blakley (Oklahoma City, OK)

This Umbro shoe is a very comfortable and form fitting boot. The sizing is a perfect match with good width for those who may have a wider foot. Could be slightly lighter in weight, ideal for defenders. Great value for the purchase.
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Almost As If Nike Tiempo Had A Little Brother - Jan 11, 2013
Player: Joshua Estime (Coral Springs, FL, USA)

These pairs of Umbro R Pro are probably and arguably the most comfortable cleats I have ever worn. Breaking into them wasn't a problem at all. Just took about five to ten minutes to immediately feel the cleats molding my feet. I am a wide footed player and I have always gone to Adidas for the top quality boots but I took a gamble with Umbro and it paid off. The kanga-lite material is quite flexible and very light. The traction of the cleats are solid, making every turn and jolt easy. The lacing system is not complicated and there is great heel support too. They may feel a bit narrow at first at the tip of the boot but the leather of the boot pretty much takes care of that once it expands that particular area. They are right to size so there is no need to go up or down a size at all. The funny thing is: the stitching pattern and and style of the boot is almost quite similar to the Nike Tiempo series. Also, the feel and comfort of the cleats are quite similar to the legends as well. These boots are old fashioned and are meant to be a footballer's boot, whether they be a defender, midfielder, winger, or forward. Clean precise strikes can be made and there is no blow-back feeling after kicking with these boots. They are also very durable and can take a lot of punishment, just don't take it too far though. Great pair of boots and at a very fortuitous price as well. Sure, they are last season's models but trust me, they can definitely play like this season's boots.
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Umbro cleats - Sep 22, 2012
Player: Gnljones (Charleston SC)

These cleats have a fairly large toe box so they fit wider feet well. The leather breaks in quick so you don't endure too many break in blisters. I'm in a humid climate so newspaper inside after every practice or game to dry them out works well.
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Showing 1-4 of 4 reviews | 1 |