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Customer reviews for Select Royale White/Royal Ball

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Still kicking - Jun 12, 2012
Parent: Thom (Alexandria, VA USA)

I bought a size 4 Select Royale for my oldest about 18 months ago. It has gotten extensive, daily use since then and is still in great condition. The bladder is outstanding, and still holds air very well. This is a lively ball, with outstanding control,
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Size 4 is a great game ball for young kids - Feb 17, 2012
Coach: Erik (Maryland, USA)

I've been using this ball for 3 yrs now. It's my go to game ball for young kids. I give each coach in our program one of these as a game ball. The touch on the ball is excellent. It maintains its shape well. It does need inflating occasionally as expected. Best part about the ball is it's soft enough to teach kids heading. Soft size 4 balls are rare and most kids are afraid to head a ball. I've found kids seek out this ball in practice b/c it doesn't jolt their head as much. Mind you we don't do intense header practices with young kids but it is important for them to learn the proper technique young. A soft ball like this makes it more successful.
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TOO SMALL - Oct 07, 2011
Coach: Doug (NJ)

I am a coach and have purchased over 70 of these balls. Used to be a Great ball great value HOWEVER SELECT HAS CHANGED THE SIZING THIS BALL IS 26.5 INCHES IN CIRCUMFERENCE FORMALLY 27.5 INCHES. ALL PREMIUM MATCH BALLS ARE 27.5 DOES NOT MEET HS STANDARDS NFHS Soccer Ball Testing and Approvals Since the 1999-2000 school year, soccer balls used in interscholastic competition in sports for which the National Federation of State High School Associations NFHS writes playing rules are required to have the NFHS authenticating mark. Ball Testing Requirements: Spherical Made of leather or other suitable material that is weather resistant Of a circumference of not more than 70 cm 28 ins and not less than 68 cm 27 ins Not more than 453 g 16 oz in weight and not less than 396 g 14 oz at the start of the match The ball shall be inflated to manufacturer's recommended pressure For additional information on NFHS, you can visit their web site by clicking
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Fine ball, good price - Jun 08, 2011
Coach: Bob Akers (Kansas City, MO, USA)

we have used these as game balls and they are good balls. We have used 4 of these this spring and the only one that is not in use was kicked on top of a small building close to the field. Like all good balls they need the air checked from time to time.
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AIR - Apr 14, 2011
Player: Jesse (Santa Cruz, CA USA)

I often read some parents', coaches', or players' complaints about the higher end balls losing air or "don't hold air like the previous cheap balls we used to buy" comments. Well guess what....generally speaking, your more expensive balls WON'T hold air as long as the cheap balls due to a very simple explanation. You are paying more for a better ball because of the better quality components involved, NOT simply because of them being hand stitched. A better ball uses a latex bladder vs. the less costly butyl bladder preferred in the cheaper priced balls. A latex bladder will offer better rebound control and feel. The trade-off is that it's a more porous material, The natural trade-off is that you will have to reinflate your higher quality ball more often,,,after a while you will simply accept this fact as a worthwhile trade-off. Something that you may want to consider is the purchase of a standing bicycle air pump that has the quick release handle at the end of the hose, not the threaded style connector. This will easily accept an inflating needle. I keep such a "ball pump" in my car as a regular piece of soccer equipment. This takes the drudgery out of keeping your balls at the right psi. A couple of pumps is usually all it takes vs. several times that with a small hand pump which should stay in you gear bag for emergencies.
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Great Ball - Feb 25, 2011
Reviewer: kcwilbur (IL)

Great Ball for price. I've owned 2 size 4's one got stolen. Had the first one two years, and the second one, one year. Now ordering a size 5 as kids get older. I haven't had a problem with mine holding air.
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good ball - Jan 17, 2011
Parent: Anonymous (Alexandria, VA)

I purchased the size 4 version several weeks ago. It is a solid product, offering good response to the touch, holds air well. We've used it as the game ball the past two weeks for U9 indoor travel competition, and my son has used it as his preferred practice ball as well. It shows signs of being pretty durable. I would buy it again.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Excellent Match Ball - Nov 12, 2010
Coach: Lory Molesky (Lexington MA)

This might be the best match ball for the money. Durable, yet has a great touch. A big favorite with the boys on the team. "Coach, where'd ya get that ball? its better than the Jubulani!"
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

GREAT VALUE - Jul 09, 2010

I am a coach for U-14 premier boys. We use this as our practice ball and every player has one. the feel is great, a nice traditional thud when kicked in the sweet spot. You can get movement and swerve but not as pronounced as the high end adidas balls, euro pass or the champions league ball. real good durability, good weight, cover is the right thickness, laytex bladder, hand sewn cover, balanced and true flight, all give the ball a really great touch Actually my players are used to it and prefer it over much more expensive balls because of the predictable flight. AN OFF SWEET SPOT KICK RESPONDS CORRECTLY. NOT AT ALL LIKE A 20 DOLLAR BALL. i REALLY ONT KNOW WHAT THE PREVIOUS REVIEWER WAS TALKING ABOUT, THIS IS A GOOD BALL WEAKNESS. THEY ONLY HOLD AIR FOR ABOUT TWO OR THREE DAYS MAX. SO YOU NEED A SMALL HAND PUMP IN YOUR BAG all in all a great value and certainly could be used as a match ball
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2 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

royale - Oct 04, 2009
Parent: napoli (mi)

was a little disapointed with this ball...my son is starting to get into size 5 balls and I just could not find a ball with a similar feel to the select 10 SIZE 4. this ball is a little heavy and not the same jump off the foot. We then went to the next ball...SUPER BRILLIANT...it is much better...but 2x's the price. oh well
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