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Image of adidas adiPower Predator TRX DB - Prime Ink Blue/White Metallic/Electricity is not availble

Customer reviews for adidas adiPower Predator TRX DB - Prime Ink Blue/White Metallic/Electricity

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Number of Reviews: 11

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Best predators I used so far. - Oct 14, 2012
Player: Daniel (New york)

I own like 10 pairs of cleats and this are my favorites they super light and the color is nice.
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Stinky - Sep 10, 2012
Player: Jeff (Allentown, PA)

I want to love these boots. They are super light, they feel great, they look great, great touch on the ball, but they smell B.A.D. I never had a foot odor problem in my life, but I have had to soak these in water with Chlorox every 2 weeks over the summer just so I could put them in my car. It just doesn't breathe. Going back to kangaroo leather.
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Faster than fast - Aug 12, 2012
Player: Jessica (Angels, CA USA)

I love these shoes with all my heart. They were absolutly beautiful when i got them out of the box. Kinda stiff at first but that goes away fast, you just have to break them in. They are super comfortable and super light weight witch is part of the reason i love them. The main reason i think i love them is because they make me run super fast. Im a goalie so being fast is really important and I personaly felt like a bullet the first time i ran with these shoes. They have great support and awesome features to make passes more acurate and powerful. They are durrable and hold up nicely to most weathers and conditions. The only thing I would say I do not like is that they dont like extreme heat that much. But Im talking about 106 degree wheather. At that temp I started to get blisters but thats the only thing. Other than that, I have had these shoes for about 5 months and they are still in great shape. Best shoes iv ever owned by far.
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Good decent boot so far. - Jul 06, 2012
Player: Jacob Boggs (Muncie, IN)

Let me explain a little about myself first. I am a very competitive player who plays 4-6 days a week for 2hrs a day, and this is my 8th pair of of $200 cleats in the last 2yrs. I have had the Vapors, CTR360, Adizero F50's, and Puma 1.11's. I haven't had that many pairs by choice, they just keep falling apart on me. I love the fact that these boots are lighter than the CTR360's which I consider the Nike alternative.These are skinnier than the Nike boots, so it does take a few days to really break them in. They aren't as comfortable to just put on and play like the Nike boots are. As far as putting a better spin on the ball, these work better than the 360's as long as the rubber isn't covered in dirt dust. Shooting in these boots is ok, but I prefer the Vapors. I have only used these so far on very hard dry ground. It did rain once, and the cleats just filled with mud, and the touch on the shoes became very slick. These shoes do retain moisture, so make sure to take out the insoles and let them air out after playing, otherwise, they will smell HORRIBLY. The shoes are not as thin as the Adizero F50's so it doesn't hurt as much when someone steps on your feet. Overall, these are a great pair of cleats, but only time will tell. One great thing to keep in mind is that both Nike and Addidas have 2yr. boot warranty, so if they tear up after the 60 days that Eurosport will cover them, just get in touch with Addidas or Nike directly for a voucher to use from their store.
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Next best Predator when compared to Mania - Jun 13, 2012
Player: Anonymous (Cumberland, MD)

I have been wearing the Predator line since 2002. The pinnacle of the line was the Mania version back in '02. This would be a solid 2nd. The shoe runs a half size larger due to Adidas changing the last the boots are built from. I have always worn a 10, but need to wear these in a 9.5. A very comfortable show once broken in, which only took 2-3 outings and the synthetic feels superb on my feet. I would highly advise this boot to anyone!
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Amazinggggggg! - Apr 06, 2012
Player: Rabin (New York)

Awesome cleats. It runs true to size and is very comfortable. The color is so bright. I love it !!
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful:

Brilliant, Solid, & Light Weight! - Mar 09, 2012
Player: Brian G. (Gainesville, FL USA)

After and brief stint with Nike Vapor Vs, I came back to Adidas this season because I have a wider foot than Nike's tend to accomodate. My previous predators were wonderful, so I was excited to get a pair of these next generations! Overall review after a month of wearing them almost daily is: Brilliant, Solid, and Light Weight. First impressions out of the box are awesome! The picture doesn't do the power of the Electricity justice, but I like bright colors- my Vapors are neon yellow. My teammates say it looks sweet when I do multiple scissors and step-over type moves because it looks like tracers coming off my boots, especially right at dusk. The boots runs true to size and are very comfortable right out of the box. Some reviews say a little stiff, and they are, but what light weight synthetic boot isn't at first? They do break in quickly. They're not stubborn. More importantly, I haven't had a single blister or hot spot from day one! The rubber/silicon insert in the sweet spot is what makes Predators famous. Definitely noticed it after coming from Nike with the control of the spin and the movement on my shots when I Steven Gerrard crush one! The boots fit well, don't slide around, and have even/consistent support throughout. The surprising factor is just how light they are- I wear an 11 and I don't notice them deep into the 2nd half of a match. Overall, a solid boot that I highly recommend. I really can't think of a con. Hope this helps- play well lads! Cheers!
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful:

synthetic AdiPower DB Predator - Jan 15, 2012
Player: Eric (Norman, Ok)

The color of these boots are sick. The yellow is more neon in real view not the same as on the computer screen. The boots are extremely stiff and require some breaking in. The heel is very stiff and uncomfortable compared to my vapors, older predator models, and Tiempo boots. I got zero blisters from these boots, which is surprising bc when I make sharp cuts and turns the heel and side of the boot ankle area stabb my ankle. Not comfortable due to the stiffness of the boot. That is my only dislike with the boots. They are extremely light weight and great for speed. Crosses, free kicks and power shots are great with the silicon rubber on the inner part of the boot. Try these on in the store first to get the right fit. I like to put in sole inserts in my shoes, so I got a size 10 instead of a 9 1/2.
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I LOVE BECKHAM - Jan 10, 2012

this is my third adipower . i really love them , adipower give me all i need . control, power, design. but i have to say it feel half size bigger . i used to wear us6.5 on mania, absolute, powerswerve and predator X, but for adipower i have to wear US6 to be fit .
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1 of 49 people found the following review helpful:

not satisfied - Jan 09, 2012
Player: Kotaro

purchased a pair but doesn't have thenew Beckham icon logo on the heel... really disappointed.
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