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Image of reusch Keon Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec is not availble

Customer reviews for reusch Keon Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec

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New - Mar 06, 2013
Player: Paul (Rapid city sd)

I got these gloves for Christmas and I love there grip these gloves run a little small compared to Nike and Adidas gloves they are worth the price that is for shure
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:

AMAZING gloves!! - Feb 17, 2013
Reviewer: Mark (LA)

i have been playing goalie for 7 years. 4 years hs varsity and 7 years or travel/club. I play mostly on artificial grass or turf as most people call it and only use these for games and they have lasted so far 20 games in a 2 month span. They look to have a lot of life in them still with pretty decent grip and should last me another season plus a couple tournaments without them totally losing their grip the durigaurd thing kinda helps. The latex on these are SUPER sticky after the prewash and yes i do recommend giving them a good prewash to activate the latex. Catching seems almost effortless in these gloves which really gives you the confidence that your looking for. It takes about 1 practice to break in your gloves but after that they really mold to the shape of your hand nicely and there is just no comparison to any other brand. I do have to mention that because the latex is so soft and flexible they do scuff and tear easily but if your not landing on your palms to much then you'll get a full season or 2, maybe even 3 in them before having to get another pair. I have used Nike gk confidence which has very good grip too but lost it all within 10 games 8/10, Nike sgt primier 8/10 which actually isn't as good as the confidence because of fit, Nike vapor which aren't great 6/10. adidas response ultimate or what ever they're called, and those were a total waste of money 5/10 and others generations from nike adidas and reusch. by far reusch has impressed me the most and are the best of those 3 companies. You get what you pay for!
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Not THE glove - Nov 13, 2012

Reusch makes a great product and my daughter is definitely a Reusch fan. She has worn a number of different Reusch gloves, as well as trying gloves from Nike and Adidas. Her past Reusch gloves have held up solid through the season with little noticable wear other than what would be expected from high school and travel play. However, the Keon Deluxe G2s showed themselves as being far less than Deluxe. The padding on the fingers began to give way within a week of her starting to wear them in games. In addition, the palms just didn't hold up like she has come to expect from Reusch. If you are a competive player and need to be able to count on your gloves, these are not the gloves for you. It seems that the G2s are simply too soft and not good for highly competitive play. My daughter will certainly continue to use Reusch gloves, as they fit her well and have performed well for her in the past. She won't be choosing the G2s any longer - which is a shame, as these gloves have a sharp look to them. Of course, this proves the old addage that looks can be deceiving. Sorry Reusch, this just isn't a good product for a high-level keeper. . .
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Good - Oct 12, 2012
Player: James

This was a good pair of gloves the only thing I would change would be the durability of them. They lasted me the summer and that's about it, but they are definitely worth the price.
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Nice gloves! - Sep 18, 2012
Player: Steven Waite (Fresno, CA)

These gloves fit very nicely, and have excellent grip. They have a zipper so there is an option of using fingersaves or use without. So far the grip has held up very well, and they haven't shown any signs of faulty design. Worth the money if you play at a high level.
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High quality gloves - May 27, 2012
Player: Eli Klorczyk (Sandy Hook, CT USA)

These gloves are awesome. They have a great feel to them along with even better grip. I've owned several pairs of Reusch gloves and these are some of the best I've had. My only negative is that the new G2 material, being supersoft, seems to lack abrasion resistance and tears easily. Using them for only about 5 games, they look like my other gloves were after about 10 games. Other than that they are great gloves that look awesome and feel even better.
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good but not the best - Feb 25, 2012
Player: nick (dallas)

I have used reusch gloves for the past 5 years. I bought two pairs of these one to use and another to test. After testing I noticed they arnt any better the the M1 or X1 or G1 foam. They are a good glove and hold up to water and mud but I didn't notice a difference in grip with these and the other foams. Unless money isn't an issue for you, save your money and but M1 or X1. All G2 does is give you the palm protection of M1 with the grip of G1. Which G1 gloves for. Gets ruined very quickly so I recommend M1
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