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Image of Pele Sports Caldeira HG - Estate Blue is not availble

Customer reviews for Pele Sports Caldeira HG - Estate Blue

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Bad Stitching, and glue - Sep 10, 2013
Player: Bill (Connecticut)

Shoes are comfortable, and provide a good feel. However after wearing them twice, I realized that the toe on the right shoe was sepearting from the sole. A closer inspection showed that the sewing on the front of the shoe had missed stitches to the sole. The shoe is ripping and it does not appear that glue will hold the shoe together.
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Good Shoe - Jan 21, 2013
Player: Jose Reyes (Campbell, Ohio)

Before I write, I would like to thank Eurosport and Pele Sports for working with me to get these. I had owned a pair of Pele Sports 1962 Redeemers in HG that ultimately ripped up the lateral side of my left shoe. So I returned them and exchanged them for these. Customer service is phenomenal. Starting out these shoes are stiff. However I decided to take them straight into a game and at half time the stiffness was gone. After that thirty minute period the shoes become pillows on your feet. The suede upper on this shoe feels like leather with some added grip. It definitely feels nice to dribble and make sharp turns in these boots. These shoes over all feel very much like a classic leather boot. As we all know a classic leather boot gets the job done every time. I love the feel of a heritage inspired shoe. I will say that I wish these shoes were a lot more flashy though! I love the flash with the feel of leather. These simply don't have the flash. Unfortunately, unlike the 1962 Redeemer these do not have a removable Poron insole. It is glued to the bottom of the shoe. However comfort is not an issue. These boots do fit pretty wide. I have a medium to slightly wide foot and my feet usually fill out the entire boot. However these shoes definitely don't allow me to do that. The turf sole on these is exactly the same as the Redeemer. It works great and is just an exceptional stud pattern. Fortunately these shoes are much more durable, but these shoes definitely fit long. In Nike Tiempos I wear a size 10 US and in all other Leather shoes I wear a size 9.5 US. In these boots I needed a size 9 US. The fit is perfect for me. So you basically need to determine for yourself whether you want a half or full size down. Over all these shoes are fantastic. The touch, the feel, the strikes. Basically everything about this shoe is Amazing. 4.5 out of 5. This is my new go to turf boot!. As a final note, narrow footed players stay away!
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Quality Shoe - Dec 28, 2012
Player: Mister Johnston (Mid-West)

Everyone has fancy Nike or Adidas kicks. I haven't seen someone wear Pele shoes before so I thought I'd try them. The suede upper attracted me to the shoe. Suede is a material that has proven to be strong yet pliable. So far the shoe has held up very well. I've only got about 5 45-minute games in them and some juggling around the house. They seem as though they'll last...leather/suede always seems to last longer then synthetic in my experience. Suede resists turf abrasion well. The turf outsole is superior to other turf shoes I've had. It grips well. I experienced no slipping and felt confident committing to powerful pivots allowing for good bursts of speed after a direction change. The leather/suede combo allows for an active and predictable feel on the ball. New shoe "technology" often produces shoes with different schemes to cover or move the laces in an attempt to attract customers with taglines like "increased shooting surface." If you believe that kind of thing, use your money to go buy roller blades. Laces on the side of your shoes will not enhance your skills...at all. That said, the laces are nice. They're not just tennis shoe laces. They stay tied throughout a game. Occasionally the double knot comes undone and I have to re-loop it but I've never looked down to see them untied. This shoe provides a familiar, comfortable fit and that gives me one less thing to worry about. I know where the ball is going when I play it...without any special "shot accuracy technology". The only hiccup I had was the sizing. BUT, in the shoe's defense, buying shoes online carries that risk. Especially when buying shoes you intend to kick, pivot, and sprint in. I usually wear a size 10 and had to return the first pair for a 9.5. The 9.5's are still a little roomy but double socking took care of that. Don't let that scare you off though. Eurosport's customer service was extremely helpful processing my return and it was WELL worth the wait. I love these shoes. Buy them.
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Great New Product - May 18, 2012
Player: Anonymous (Las Vegas, NV)

Have been upset with the shift in the industry lately. Seems boots are ditching leather in an effort to save weight. If you want the lightest shoe on the market then look else where. This shoe is well made and very comfortable. A little stiff out of the box, but breaks in nicely. You won't be disappointed. Also, at the moment the status is special order. They ship the shoe out of colorado. Place my order late Monday night and had them Thursday: standard shipping.
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