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Image of adidas F30 TRX FG - Prime Blue/White/Core Energy is not availble

Customer reviews for adidas F30 TRX FG - Prime Blue/White/Core Energy

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Great Cleats! - Sep 05, 2012
Parent: Mother of 2 soccer players (Point Pleasant,WV)

Thank you for creating a cleat that makes my boys happy! They are true Adidas fans and this just made it better! The only issue we had was that these ran alittle bigger than the usual Adidas cleats that we have bought therefore my son won't be able to wear them until next season hopefully, but the way boys grow I'm sure there won't be a problem. Thank you for coming up with the great idea of personalizing the cleat, their name & number on them makes the child feel special. Thanks for great quality products!
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pretty good boot - Jul 31, 2012
Player: Danny (Madera,CA)

the F30's are pretty good except you need to wear high and thick socks when you wear them first time i wore them i didnt have high socks and it basically cut my ankle other then that i like these.
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not a good boot - Jun 21, 2012
Player: Daniel (Austin, TX USA)

At first the boot felt great, but after an hour or two, I could feel my foot wiggling around the shoe. the f30 has a really, really, bad fit. First month you'll probably get a ton of blisters and feel the stiffness of the outsole. My heel, from the first 30 minutes, started slipping out of the shoe. It feels great at first, but the blisters and stiffness start coming and pretty soon, your foot will be sore. Trust me I've worn this shoe for 6 months without an alternative. This shoe is not worth $95-$110. Go get yourself a nice leather shoe or actually get the f50s because the f30s are not good and the takedowns from adidas just keep getting worse and worse.
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Adidas F30 TRX FG - Feb 18, 2012
Player: Anonymous (Andover, MA USA)

Adidas have made another great cleat that has impressed me. This is a very performing cleat for players at club level and young players like me. I wore the Black/ Electricity/ Warning color. Breaking in and comfort- This cleat is extremely comfortable. The cleat molds to your foot in a very short amount of time. I only needed to break it in for one hour and I could use it for the game the next day. Considering it was a synthetic material, I thought it was very surprising. I have worn these for a while now and have remained comfortable, I have had no blisters. Features- The F30 has the new sprint web on the outside of the shoe. This hugs your foot and will give you more support. The sprint web is rather stiff but when you wear them it shapes to your foot and is flexible. The sprint web also has texture to it giving the shoe great control. The upper synthetic also has texture so it gives you more control. The laces are more toward the side, which allows for a clean striking zone. The Adidas TRAXION technology gives the shoe incredible grip. The triangular studs actually do make changing direction easier. The studs are a little longer than usual FG studs which make the shoe have great grip on any surface even if the field is muddy. Design- At first when the F30’s first came out I was not very pleased. They seemed bulky and not very good-looking. But theses shoes are actually very nice. The color combination is amazing and has impressed me. The orange is vibrant and you will be seen on the field. Performance- The F30’s have performed great. They have amazing grip on the surface and great ball control. The textured synthetic upper and the sprint web improve my ball control especially in wet conditions. The shoe is pretty light and has a thin upper. The thin upper allows for a great first touch and nice ball feel. Shooting is great with these cleats. The textured material allows me to get a little spin on the ball. These cleats perform very well and I recommend them.
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Showing 1-4 of 4 reviews | 1 |