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Customer reviews for TRUSOX Crew Length Sock

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Instablisters - Aug 11, 2014
Player: Jason (San Diego, CA)

As stated in many reviews of this sock, it is supposed to be the end all answer to blisters. I say nay, sir. After about 30 minutes in these socks both feet had massive blisters. And thanks to the rubber pads on the inside of the sock, I didn't have to worry about popping the blisters because the socks effectively tore off layers of skin while wearing them. I thought my feet pretty callous, but apparently it's going to take a special level of callous to wear these socks comfortably. I give 2 stars because the first 15 minutes felt amazing.
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As Advertised - Sep 05, 2012
Player: TC (Towson, MD USA)

As a skeptic, I simply had to give these socks a shot. The slippage I was experiencing with my F50's was getting out of hand even with buying the cleats a half size smaller. After a month, I won't go back to NOT wearing these socks for games or practice. I even begun to wear them during sprint training sessions on the track. Slippage within the shoe is virtually gone, especially during agressive cuts. While some prefer to cut your current socks, I've actually preferred to wear these over top my normal socks. Thin socks such as the Adidas Formotion or other socks should work fine. A bit high in price - but well worth the money.
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Work great - Aug 04, 2012
Player: RT (Chicago)

These completely solved my boot slippage problem. My right foot used to always slip inside my shoe, so I bought these and and they solved the problem. I double sock for games anyway so keep in mind if you buy them, your shoes will be a little snug.
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Good but Pricey - Jul 02, 2012
Player: OE_26 (MIami)

I had to try this product for myself. I double sock and still my big toe gets tender after playing. I played twice this past weekend. On Saturday I double socked. The next day I tested out the pair of trusox I had purchased. Like I mentioned even though I double sock, my big toe still gets tender as if I was going to get a blister. This would be a perfect time to test these bad boys out. I must admit that they passed the test with flying colors. Even though my toe was semi sore from the day before, it did not affect my performance. I wish the price was more comfortable. I see now that they raised the price. I bought them for 25 dollars. Forty dollars is a bit too rich for my blood. Specially since I was considering getting another pair.
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Almost got it right... - Jun 24, 2012
Player: Madrid fan since \'89 (Elk Grove, CA)

These socks do a good job giving an extra grip between your foot and your boot, however, as far as blisters go not so much. My skin got a bit irritated on the bottom, closer to the side of my right foot and it was perhaps because I wearing them for the first time. It hasn't happen again yet that part of my foot gets sentive still. It's worth a shot having these socks. Truly you do have to cut your team socks to wear these. On the plus side they make you look like a pro! I would definitely hope that for the price you pay you at least get two pairs instead of just one.
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