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Customer reviews for Lotto Stadio Primato K FG - Black/Black

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Underrated cleats - Dec 28, 2009
Player: Bryan Byrne (Los Angeles, CA)

Unless you have personally worn a pair of Lotto Stadio Primato, you will be surprised to hear how under-rated these cleats are! I wore Lotto boots in college, but I had only used the Zhero range. The Stadio range is completely different, and they are made of a super soft K-leather. Over the past month, I have managed to wear these in 3-4 early morning training sessions, and also in 2 games (one of which was during a rain-shower). I tested a size 9US in the Black/Black color.

First Thoughts
Lotto have stuck with a relaxed look for this version. I am a fan of shape, as I can already tell they are a medium fit, and this is particularly important in the mid-sole region. The K-leather feels great, and I have no doubt over time the leather will only get softer.

Breaking In
These cleats were super smooth breaking in. They fit just right, and because they are K-leather, from the first game they start to mold to the shape of your feet. The initial fear I had with these cleats was the sole plate. They seem to feel pretty stiff, but thankfully they didn't cause any issues. Finally, one of the games I got to wear these in it rained, and these boots stood the test. The water helped in terms of touch, again aided by the fact that the upper is K-leather, rather than a synthetic.

Well, other than offering an amazingly soft kangaroo leather, these boots do have a few key Lotto features. First is Shock Off, a shock absorbing insert made of low density polyurethane located near the heal of the cleat. And the other feature is Punto-Flex, Lotto's own technology that allows for the sole to bounce back, thus allowing your foot to flex in the right way. Another bonus about Lotto's cleats is the fact that the upper is stitched to the sole, increasing the life span of the cleat.

Size and Weight
I wear a size 9US and that's what I had for this review. Size wise they fit true to size and I would say medium in all respects. I have medium to wide foot and these fit great. Weight wise, the Lotto Stadio weighs in at 9.6oz, which is a pretty optimal weight. After wearing these in wet weather, they held up really well and didn't feel any heavier.

The only real negative I have is the tongue. It is designed in an old-school fashion, so it just flaps over the laces. At first it was fine because the tongue was stiff. But over the past few weeks, it has softened up resulting in the tongue sitting straight up. As a result, the only real way to keep it down is to tie the laces over the tongue. Another option, which I have seen some people doing, is to place the tongue in under the actual lacing. This definitely makes for a different look!

These cleats actually outperformed my expectations! I probably would not have purchased a pair of these before testing them. I have to admit, I am surprised that Lotto have not attacked the US market more but instead they have stuck to the European market. If they were to merge into the US space, I think they could really hit a niche market with these. The Lotto Stadio Primato sit in the same category as the Adidas adiPURE and the Umbro Speciali's, but at the current price of $89.99. they might be one of the preferred choices for anyone looking for a cleat that offers performance and durability without the fancy specs of the more advanced ranges.
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Great - Dec 21, 2012
Player: Annie (Michigan)

I've spent $160 for Adidas and they were great. This shoe is better. The leather is super soft and breaks in to your specifc foot in 2 practices. I would buy these for comfort over any shoe I've tried on. $38 is an unbelievable deal - buy as many sizes as you can. Especially good for players who have a tough time getting a good fit. Guess American's just arent hot for Lotto?
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Bring It Back! - Mar 31, 2012
Player: R (Somewhere, USA)

Dear Lotto, a few months ago, my Black and Green, Italian-made, Lotto Stadios died. The leather developed a tear after years of use. Best Boots I have ever owned. Period. Better than Adidas Copa Mundials, better than Nike Legends. Their touch was from heaven. The ball melted into them. Perfect weight. Conical studs for agility, not stupid blades. Lotto, a few months ago, I purchased these exact boots. All-black, Lotto Stadio Primato's. Upon opening the box, I realized they were suspicious. The construction was slightly different from my old pair. The leather felt rough. Like Calf-Skin, although marked "K-leather." Inside of the boot, the tag said "Made in China." However, I tried to forget all of these things. I tried to like them. They were my go-to boots for a few months in games and practices. In the end, their performance is Average. Compared to the Italian Stadios, they are a Joke. The touch is inferior. Noticeably inferior. Is this Kangaroo Leather?? They feel clunky. The materials do not bind together well. They say, "the player makes the boot," but that is false. I was truly not as good with these. The Italian Lotto Stadio had a Spirit. There was an extra, Magical quality about them. The spirit cannot be seen. The Copa Mundial has it. The Jpanese Mizuno Morelia has it. The boot inspires confidence. You can truly say, "I Love these boots" when they have it. The way they feel on your foot as you run, and the special touch. However, these Chinese Stadios are an imposter. They cannot be called Lotto Stadios to me. The Lotto Stadio has been ruined. It Was, Rest In Peace, one of the best boots of all time. Companies try to save money and cut corners. Well, we as the players lose in this game. But I am one player who will stay away. My quest has begun for a new boot. If only Copas were lighter. If only the Mizuno Morelia Jpan wasn't so difficult to find out here...Hey Lotto, Bring it Back!
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Solid Boots - Feb 06, 2012
Player: MeanJoeGreen (Atlanta, GA)

Great all around boot. Medium width throughout, and in my experience, with different cleats of varying brands, true to size. Very comfortable and supportive. Leather is nice and provides the touch you'd expect from kangaroo leather. Recommend this boot for players looking for a sturdy cleat that will last.
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big front - Aug 26, 2011
Player: LC

i just ordered these shoes after having older incarnations of the molded and studded versions years ago. but now it seems like the toe box/front of the shoes, especially at its widest point, seems really wide. I ordered a 1/2 size down from my street shoes and am thinking about going a full size down. anybody else with feedback on the width at the front of the shoe?
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Really good boots - Dec 20, 2010
Player: Rizzo (Norwalk, CT)

These are by far one of the best quality cleats for the price. Extremely comfortable and easy to break in. The touch is great too. The tongue is a little annoying at first, but after a little bit you don't even notice it anymore. I've had them for three months now and playing everyday they're pretty durable too. The bottom of the cleat is just barley coming off but they still have a couple more months until I won't be able to wear them anymore. For price and quality, I would buy these over Tiempo Legends. Would definitely buy these again.
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Great - Sep 04, 2010
Player: Anonymous

I have owned many boots of a similar style to the Stadio Primato. In my opinion, this is the best. The biggest plus for me is the durability of these boots. The stitching is excellent and will make these boots last at least twice as long as cemented or riveted ones. They are incredibly comfortable. Despite playing two-a-days for two weeks during preseason I suffered no blisters or discomfort from the boots. The cut of the boot is unlike anything else I have found. You can see in some of the product pictures that it has a very curved shape as you look at it from the top. Initially, I thought this was kind of weird, since most boots are more U-shaped. However, after putting the boots on for the first time I realized that it was shaped to follow the natural contours of your foot. This gives it an incredibly close fit and makes it very comfortable. It has a very low profile in the forefoot area, allowing the boot to hug your foot and let the leather mold to your foot around the toe. The leather isn't the softest I have found. Speciali's, Adipures, Tiempos and Copa's are softer, but the leather in the Stadio's is definitely more durable. Plus, the lacing really gets out of the way so your touch is much cleaner. It honestly feels like I am playing barefoot with the boots sometimes. I would recommend these boots to anyone looking for simple comfort, excellent touch and durability.
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BEAUTIFUL - Jul 27, 2010
Player: Anonymous

these boot are way underrated, the kangaroo leather is super soft and fits like a glove. the tongue can be a little annoying but whatever. but overall a beautiful boot
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

Excellent Traditional Boot - Apr 07, 2010
Player: Big D (Boise, ID)

I have a wider foot and found these a great fit. Same size as all my other shoes. Break in was great, very comfortable and formed after second use. Touch is superb, able to get plenty of english on the ball. Well constructed. While this is the first season for this boot, they are wearing very well and I have no doubt they will last a long time. Nothing flashy here, Just quality materials, solid construction, excellent performance, comfort, and a great value on sale for $65. My previous boots were Adidas kangaroo Copa Mundial. These are much better than the copas for fit, comfort, touch and construction. The Adidas boots have to be a 1/2 size larger to even get my foot in and they were still painfully tight. Puma were even worse.
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Kangaroo that says: MOOOOO . . . - Oct 10, 2009
Player: Csaba (Pittsburgh)

The Stadio WAS the finest line of Lotto for decades. Now it has changed. These shoes are still wrapping around your feet like the original Italian made real kangaroo letter boots and have a very elegant and classic all black look. It is comfortable and sleek. That is why I thought of giving 2.5 stars. Unfortunately, the other 2.5 stars are missing because this shoe is by no means made of kangaroo leather. It holds the feet well, the shape and the size runs the same as the original one but this leather says MOOOOO . . . It doesn't have the glove like feel and it is made of calf skin. Also, it is made in China, and you will get what you paid for. This is not a $165 shoe on half off as it states in the write up.
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