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Customer reviews for Storelli Bodyshield Leg Guard

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Futsal GK - Mar 30, 2015
Player: Jim M. (Leesburg VA)

I love Storelli Gear, but my Leg Guard ripped on my very first day of use. It is a small rip and they are useable, but a rip on day one does not bode well for the durability of the product. They fit well, are comfortable, no pressure points or blisters, they hold the shin guard well too.
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Updated product - cloth footstraps - Aug 08, 2014
Player: Heidi (Hudson Valley, NY)

At the time of my purchase Aug 2014, the tight elastic footstrap mentioned in previous reviews has been changed to cloth and tightness around and cramping of the foot is no longer an issue. I am 5'-8", 160lbs with calf measuring 15" at the fattest part. Adult Medium is the size I chose according to Storelli's own size chart - go to their site and they'll give you a better indication than at Soccer.com. It fits perfectly on my leg, though I may personally prefer a fit that is slightly tighter as I am accustomed to wearing compression calf sleeves. As a fullback, I need to make challenges as well as being challenged at the opponent's end and these leg guards in combination with Nike Mercurial Blade shin guards offer great protection without the bulk. I also own Diadora Gamma Carbonio shinguards also available on Soccer.com but I prefer Storelli Leg Guard's 'fluid' fit and its ability to be washed without worrying about degradation of adhesives. A note about washing: always hand wash in cold water: in fact, the best method I'd recommend is to soak and rinse every couple of hours for several times, each time changing water completely and putting them in soak to allow sweat to leach out. Highly recommended.
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Very happy with the changes - Mar 11, 2014
Player: Santi (Santa Clarita, CA USA)

I had originally bought the first model of the Leg Guards back when Storelli was first shipping them out and I ended up having to cut the ankle straps because they were putting a lot of pressure on the soles of my feet. I'm very pleased with the remodel and I can't wait to use them in my next game.
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Best product I have ever bought - Feb 26, 2014
Player: Connor (Logan, UT)

I am a 16 year old that plays on two top level teams. I have C6 Agility shin guards, and I needed top quality sleeves. After buying these i realized that they were more than that. These are the perfect product if you want comfort and protection. The material is comfortable, the ankle guards, while they don't provide the most protection in the world, work. They lock your shin guards in place, without worrying about them slipping. Inside the top is a thin layer of a rubber product, so that the sleeves won't slide down your leg. At practice I did not even have to wear socks, or use shin guard stays. On the outside of the sleeve there is a foam material that runs down your leg, which kinda feels like a futuristic combat sleeve. This product has stunned me at how great it is. I wore my first sleeves for so long that The ankle strap tore in half and there were holes up and down it. Purchased another and am completely stunned again. Would buy every single time
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Great stuff - Feb 17, 2014
Player: Dan Oreadi (Weymouth, MA)

Leg guards are great and comfortable to play. High degree of protection and very durable product.
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5 star for suuuuure - Jan 06, 2014
Player: cor (strong island, ny)

bought these at a tournament and haven't taken them off in weeks...they are just too sweeeeet. i have a pretty fat foot and the strap fits fine for me - mens medium
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Awesome Product!! - Dec 19, 2013
Parent: Super Mom Mary (NJ)

I had a similar issue with my daughter regarding the tight foot strap. Instead of scrapping such an awesome product, I used my head! I stretched out the foot strap out by putting our son's baseball bat through the foot hole and left it overnight. Not rocket science here, some people, like my daughter, have fat feet! I actually called Storelli to notify them of my DIY stretching technique and they told me they have adjusted the foot strap sizing in their latest version of the leg guards! We'll definitely be buying another pair once it is needed! For the complainers - I would recommend trying out my stretching trick Or perhaps exchange it for a newly manufactured leg guard? -Super Mom Mary
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Not worth the money - Dec 12, 2013
Player: Kelly P. (Cincinnati Ohio)

These felt comfortable when I tried them on in my house. However, the first time I played, the foot straps caused cramping and the stitching started tearing out. I also got kicked on the inside of the shin and the protection was next to nothing. Because I wore them to play, I cannot return them now. Total waste of money.
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Goalkeeper U16 - Sep 16, 2013
Parent: Renee (Iowa City, IA)

I bought these for my daughter that is a goalkeeper for her U16 team. She comes home with bruises on her legs all the time and I thought these would be perfect to try and protect her a bit. She wore them for the first time this last weekend and loves them!! The straps on the feet were a bit tight and she did get cramps in her feet while playing. So, I took them and put the straps around a large glass to stretch them out a bit. It worked and now they work perfect. On the size I went with a AM, she is 5' 7". She says they are a bit to long, but if I would have gone AS I think the straps would have been way to tight and I would have had to return them for a AM.
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Ankle saver!! - Sep 10, 2013
Parent: Gerry Pixley (Whitinsville, MA)

Bought these for my 12 yo daughter who plays 7 days a week. she's worn them for a week now and loves them...totally saves on those foot stomps and ankle kicks! No noticeable wear at this point, but it's just been a week. Either way, if they wear out I'll be replacing them...might even try out a pair myself!
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