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Image of Lotto Stadio Primato K FG - White/White/Green is not availble

Customer reviews for Lotto Stadio Primato K FG - White/White/Green

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Underrated cleats - Dec 28, 2009
Player: Bryan Byrne (Los Angeles, CA)

Unless you have personally worn a pair of Lotto Stadio Primato, you will be surprised to hear how under-rated these cleats are! I wore Lotto boots in college, but I had only used the Zhero range. The Stadio range is completely different, and they are made of a super soft K-leather. Over the past month, I have managed to wear these in 3-4 early morning training sessions, and also in 2 games (one of which was during a rain-shower). I tested a size 9US in the Black/Black color.

First Thoughts
Lotto have stuck with a relaxed look for this version. I am a fan of shape, as I can already tell they are a medium fit, and this is particularly important in the mid-sole region. The K-leather feels great, and I have no doubt over time the leather will only get softer.

Breaking In
These cleats were super smooth breaking in. They fit just right, and because they are K-leather, from the first game they start to mold to the shape of your feet. The initial fear I had with these cleats was the sole plate. They seem to feel pretty stiff, but thankfully they didn't cause any issues. Finally, one of the games I got to wear these in it rained, and these boots stood the test. The water helped in terms of touch, again aided by the fact that the upper is K-leather, rather than a synthetic.

Well, other than offering an amazingly soft kangaroo leather, these boots do have a few key Lotto features. First is Shock Off, a shock absorbing insert made of low density polyurethane located near the heal of the cleat. And the other feature is Punto-Flex, Lotto's own technology that allows for the sole to bounce back, thus allowing your foot to flex in the right way. Another bonus about Lotto's cleats is the fact that the upper is stitched to the sole, increasing the life span of the cleat.

Size and Weight
I wear a size 9US and that's what I had for this review. Size wise they fit true to size and I would say medium in all respects. I have medium to wide foot and these fit great. Weight wise, the Lotto Stadio weighs in at 9.6oz, which is a pretty optimal weight. After wearing these in wet weather, they held up really well and didn't feel any heavier.

The only real negative I have is the tongue. It is designed in an old-school fashion, so it just flaps over the laces. At first it was fine because the tongue was stiff. But over the past few weeks, it has softened up resulting in the tongue sitting straight up. As a result, the only real way to keep it down is to tie the laces over the tongue. Another option, which I have seen some people doing, is to place the tongue in under the actual lacing. This definitely makes for a different look!

These cleats actually outperformed my expectations! I probably would not have purchased a pair of these before testing them. I have to admit, I am surprised that Lotto have not attacked the US market more but instead they have stuck to the European market. If they were to merge into the US space, I think they could really hit a niche market with these. The Lotto Stadio Primato sit in the same category as the Adidas adiPURE and the Umbro Speciali's, but at the current price of $89.99. they might be one of the preferred choices for anyone looking for a cleat that offers performance and durability without the fancy specs of the more advanced ranges.
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Lotto stadio primato - Jun 03, 2013
Player: Junior Duran (Posen , IL USA)

It's is If not the best boot I ever wore comfortable wise great material and looks sharp
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Decent cleat - Apr 19, 2013
Player: Anonymous

Its a decent cleat. Takes a bit to break in, but is great from there on out. Just make sure you get 1/2 size larger.
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Final Reviews for the Lotto Stadio Primato K - Jun 23, 2011
Player: Jose Reyes (Campbell, Ohio)

Over the past months since February, I have had the chance to test these boots. My results are going to amaze you.I gave the same number of stars to my Pirma Gladiator 4's, but that is because I review boots by what category they fit in to. Those were speed boots and these are Heritage. That being said these come in at a tie for the second best boots that I have worn. The K Leather is very soft, and has actually even softened up more. It has also proven to mold to my foot as expected. The only negative is the fact that they have stretched slightly which is why I recommend that you order a half size down. There is another negative that I will get to later. The sole plate was stiff for the first two times that I used them but after that there has been no Problem. The traction that these offer is very basic. It is in my opinion just like the Copa Mundial soleplate with longer studs. I think that The Punto Flex in the outsole does its purpose and does offer spring back re-activity. The Shock Off insert in the heel was actually a great addition as you really don't feel the shock when landing on your heels. Now to the Last negative. The fold over tongue on these boots offer a classic look that looks clean with the crisp white upper. The only problem is, it flops around while you are running after the break in period. In short I experienced what Bryan Byrne of SoccerCleats101.com did. Overall though I can see what Lotto have to offer in this boot. It is a solid performer that is under a $100. This is my first pair of Lottos but it surely wont be my last. These do soak up water but not as much as other cleats. The only cleats better are in fact my old Diadora LX K's. If you wear a size 10 get a size 9.5. these will stretch a bit. These will suit every position except striker. I think the water uptake is going to slow attacking players down. Overall though there aren't to many boots on the market that can beat these. One last note, you may want to fold the tongue under! :
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Not bad, but for same price get Copas - Apr 10, 2011
Coach: Dave Schadler (Benson, NC)

I wear a size 10.5 shoe and bought 9's because of the K leather. I've done this many times and know how much the shoe will expand. Bought them at the Warehouse sale for $40 and couldn't be happier. If I were to pay the $90 though I would have gone with the Adidas Copas. Copas have a better out of the box wear. I'm sure these will be just fine, but I'll have to work them in more than I would have had to with Copas.
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Great Cleats at a Great Price - Mar 13, 2011
Player: Jose Reyes (Ohio)

I absolutely love these cleats. They have every thing that a good boot needs. They resmble the Copas in overall design, but have a much more detailed look and beauty to them. They also have a wider Fit then the Copa Mundials. The leather is softer than that of the adipures and Tiempos. Also the tong stays down better than most boots that have the same style tong. These are the way to go if you wide feet. The look like they are narrow but are very wide. One thing to note is that they have a felt liner on the tong that adds for a luxurious fit. The traction is quite exceptional in both wet and firm ground conditions. Overall these don't have any technological benefits but they do offer great performance and at avery reasonable price. If you don't like to clean your boots then you might want to go with one of the other color ways! LOL. But anyway I love these boots. I ordered a size ten and they fit like they should. That being said order you regular size. If you want a snugger fit then order a half size down but no more than that. Also pull the tong out slightly more than it lays naturally to make a smother strike zone. This is a very helpful tip. There are no negatives to this boot and have actually become the best cleats I have had. I have had the adiZeros, Diadora LX K, and T90s, but the have finally beat out the Diadoras as best boot that I have worn. Must buy for people who need a quick buy or for people that just want a boot to work. They won't let you down. One last thing. Take at least Two break in sessions before you bring these out for a game. The leather will mold immediately once you put them on, but the sole plate is stiff for the first two training sessions, after that though you are set. No negatives to this review which surprised me. 5 out of 5 stars. I hope that this review was helpful and hope you enjoy your Lotto Stadio Primato K as much as I enjoy mines. Cheers.
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The BEST cleats for Wide Feet. - Jul 28, 2010
Player: Leandro Flaherty (NYC USA)

These would easily get 5 stars where it not for my preference of asymmetrical lasing and bladed studs. That being said, these have supple K leather, much nicer than what is on the adipures at only $80-90! They are pretty lightweight, simple and elegant classic shoe. Nothing fancy but what it has is solid. The best thing about these shoes is that the way the leather/stitching/and sole are made allow it to stretch a lot in all directions. I have a square toe box, and wide up front and these are the only shoes that stretch close to my natural foot shape.. i tried almost all the available brands and cleats this year, trust me these are the best for width. Better than the total90s, than the puma kings, than copas. As a tip, if you get them wet before you put them on they stretch even better. The nice thing about the sole is that its flat, so if your toes overhang the base they wont blister.. this was a problem with the total90s. My only complaint would be that the rounded studs can put bad pressure on dry hard fields. A superfeet insert or gel would fix this if its a problem though. Love them. Get them. Support alternative brands as choice is a good thing.
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