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Image of Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra FG - Bright White/Metal Blue is not availble

Customer reviews for Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra FG - Bright White/Metal Blue

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Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra: The next level of creativity - May 12, 2010
Player: Bryan Byrne (Los Angeles, CA)

Italian giants Lotto are no strangers to innovative soccer cleats, and the Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra is no different. To create something with a lace-less design takes a lot of research and development, and you have to know that the end product offers the right balance of comfort and performance for potential wearers. My initial concern when I saw these was about comfort, and how they were going to fit to my feet. The concept of a lace-less cleat is very appealing, but there are always going to be challenges in getting it right. Before reading this review, I think it is important to note that these cleats will fit differently for each player. I wore a size US9 in Bright White/Metal Blue for testing.

Lace-less Design
I can start off by telling you that these are really sweet looking boots. Lotto use a great color pattern that draws your attention, with navy and gold detailing on a primary white. The white also has a reflective look to it when in sunlight, kind of like a rippling water effect that runs across the entire boot. The lace-less design is obviously very unique and something that draws a lot of attention. I can tell you that most of my teammates were eager to check them out when I put them on for the first training session. Lotto use a rubber-type compound in place of the laces and also on the heel of the boot. There is some elasticity in this compound, allowing you a little flexibility when getting your foot in and out of the boot. Using the included shoe horn is recommended as it is a little tricky to get these on at first. Along the front of the cleat is a symmetrical design that actually serves an important purpose. The center of the design folds slightly, giving you the best fit along the forefront of your foot. All in all, I would say that the style and design of these boots is top class!

Breaking In
The next step with any boots is breaking them in (slowly) I took these through 2 early morning jogging sessions with no problems before deciding to break them out for a proper training. But that is where things started to get a little iffy. First off, the soles of my feet started cramping. This is probably related to the shape of my feet compared to the boot, and does not mean it will happen to every player. But what it does signal for me is the fact that they take a little longer than other boots to mold to your feet. After 2 or 3 more training sessions they started to feel a little more comfortable, but having said that I had the boots for a good 2-3 weeks before deciding to use them in a game. Overall, I found them to be difficult to break in.

The lace-less design is obviously the most noticeable advancement on this cleat, but there are other technologies that Lotto have developed. If you turn the boot over you will notice the use of Lotto's patented Twist n Go stud at the front of the cleat. The idea of Twist n Go is to enhance turning speed and acceleration when you look to turn. The stud basically rotates 360 degrees, so as you turn the stud turns with you. Is it noticeable? That is probably down to the person wearing them. For me, it had more of a psychological effect than anything else. Next up is the reactive arch (Lotto advertises by printing it on several areas of the cleat) that has been designed to essentially move more dynamically with your foot. The effect is more cushioning and protection on impact while running.

One of the biggest challenges with these is ensuring you have the right size, a half size too big and they will feel clumsy, half a size too small and they will feel uncomfortable. Weight wise, these run around 9.4oz, which isn't bad, yet I feel that Lotto could trim that down to really ensure they fit in the speed bracket. One other issue I had was scuffing, and these boots will easily scuff. To avoid this (and to add life to the boots) you will have to clean them off after each time you wear them.

If you buy these boots, you are going to be extremely pleased when they arrive at your door. Lotto have put together a great looking boot that comes with two additional inserts, a shoe horn to help you get your feet in and a small carry bag. They also contain shape inserts when they arrive, making them seem classy. And Lotto certainly have focused on improving the spectrum of technology goes into the cleat. But my advice is to be sure that these are the boots you want. Granted, Lotto brought the price down from previous releases in the range, but it is still a lot of money to invest and these won't suit every player out there. If you like them and want them, I say they are worth trying.
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Had to return them - Mar 27, 2013
Player: Nandor (Pleasanton, California)

While these boots look cool and the concept seems great, the fit was less then perfect. The boots are heavy and they did not feel comfortable just wearing them around the house. In the end, we returned them.
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Zhero Gravity - Jan 24, 2013
Player: Barrett (Kansas)

Great boot. held up well over 1 year of spring/fall seasons until the stitching ripped on the blue elastic tongue like thing that runs down each side in the middle. the shoes feel wonderful and felt broken in more each time i wore them. quality product and at this current price of $71.99 i have to get another pair before my senior year next fall season!
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pretty but uncomfortable - Sep 24, 2011
Player: Marlon (columbus, oh usa)

Theres is no doubt, this are sick looking cleats and they deliver a good ball control. I would have definetly gave them a 5 star but there are a couple of things you must consider. They worn out pretty fast and they are uncomfortable. also the first time I wore them the protection to the achilles heel started to fall off, making it a pain on your heel to play. If they were more durable and comfortable the are a sure cinco estrellas.
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revolutionary! - Aug 31, 2011
Player: Jeff (Staunton, VA)

These boots are great. The ball wants to stick to them right next to your foot. GREAT striking surface. My only knock is as a "lightweight" option maybe they could weigh less. That being said, for the money under 150.00 there is not much that is a better option. LOVE THEM.
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Lotto Zhero FG vs. Lotto Zhero Ultra FG - Apr 03, 2011
Player: Randi D. (Bellingham, WA USA)

I previously wore the lotto zhero gravity fg laceless boots. I was extremely excited to get the new edtition when they came out. I ordered the same size that i had gotten with the zhero gravity fg's and they were a half size to big so I exchanged them. They are beautiful boots and definitely are pretty. I was disappointed from the first wear though. Just walking through my house they were loose around the ankles. This was unlike the previous edition i had owned. The inner lining of the boot started coming apart after the first time trying them on. They take awhile to break in and the 360 stud is all mental. I don't know why lotto changed from the zhero gravity fg model because it was much better and i will be getting the older edition again. The touch is great in these. Though they are loose they have never fallen off. you do get used to them after sometime. i won't be getting the Ultra's again.
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Nice Concept, Bad Execution - Mar 15, 2011
Player: Dan P (Chicago, IL)

With skepticism, I ordered these for my 15 year old, who plays at a pretty high level. Only after the price came way down did I agree to give them a try. When they arrived, there was no doubt that the shoes were cool. They looked awesome and were pretty lightweight. But, I still couldn't understand how soccer boots with no laces could ever work. Simple answer...they don't. Now, maybe we ordered them too big, but it didn't seem like it when he was squeezing into them. But, after running around a little and letting his feet heat up, they started slipping on him. Short of putting on another sock, there was no way to tighten the shoes. I gave 2 stars for the concept, but a snug molded fit is critical in a boot, and I don't see how anyone could get that with these Lottos.
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great cleats!!!!!!!!! - Feb 24, 2011
Player: Anonymous (Long Beach Ca)

although these cleats take awhile to break in they are a great buy. At first just take it slow in them and do maybe 1 or 2 practices a week in them. After about 5 good practices they'll loosen up and you won't need the shoe horn. Also at the beggining of your use of them you should wear 2 pairs of socks. If your looking for a cleat that stays very clean and don't need much cleaning... these will be a problem for you. If someone steps on you at all it'll leave a big streak across the cleat.The Twist n' Go stud doesn't work its a mental thing. If you order these online go to your local soccer store and try them on because they won't fit right if you just order them. My overall experience from these cleats sofar is there great but are a hassel to clean and at first they gave me a big blister on my foot but i still love them and, they're for any player position
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Great Boot - Oct 29, 2010
Player: Robert (Mercer County, NJ)

Just got these they are amazing, feel great. ankles a little big just put on an extra sock and there perfect
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Do not fit or wear well - Oct 05, 2010
Parent: Jean (Mayfield Ky)

We ordered three different sizes before getting one we thought would fit. They do not fit and the ankles are way too big! They are shipped with shoe horns that completely stretch them out before you get them! We have owned three pairs of laceless Lottos prior to these and loved them but these stink! Why did Lotto change them? Save the $200 bucks. It's too bad Lotto quit making replacement studs for older shoes to force you to buy these new expensive shoes ! That says alot about the Lotto Company.
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Overall Quality Boot.... If Sized Properly - Jul 30, 2010
Player: Kyle (State College, PA USA)

When I found the new boots in Lotto's Zhero Gravity line on soccer.com, I was very excited. These boots seemed to have the whole package: sharp looks, great colorways, innovation, and decent price. I also heard great things about the boot's performance and how it adds swerve/power etc. It seemed like a no-brainer to get these boots for the fall season, and so I quickly ordered them. After 4 days, these boots arrived at my door, and I was happy to see the exceptional job Lotto did putting together this package. Included with the Zhero Gravities are two sets of insoles one regular fit, and one slim, a shoe horn, shoe inserts to help keep their shape, and a handsome carrying bag to store it all. But things quickly went downhill when I got the boots out of their box.As I took the boots out of the box and went to try them on, they seemed a little bulky. My suspicions were correct. When I got them on my feet, they were very loose with over a thumb's width left at the top of the toe box. I'm a size US 8.5 in Preds, Tiempos, v1.08s,and Adipures, so this came as somewhat of a shock. I then headed outside to at least see how they performed. Happily, they are certainly a top-of-the-line shoe, as I had more power, better accuracy, and increased swerve. Even the sketchy Twist-N-Go stud seemed to work. But the sizing was off, so I decided to pack up the boots and exchange them for a size US 7.5.To wrap it all up, my advice to anyone thinking about getting the new Zhero Gravities would be to definitely consider completing the purchase. As stated in other reviews, you will need to really want them, as sizing is very tricky my advice would be to order a half- to whole-size down. But if you do get them, the Zhero Gravity Ultra will perform as well as, if not better than, any other boot out there on the market.
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