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Customer reviews for adidas Predator FingerSave Ultimate 12

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Best Gloves I have had! - Apr 20, 2013
Player: Anonymous (USA)

These gloves are probably the best gloves I have ever played with. I have used all sorts of gloves including Nike Vg3, Nike Gunn Cut, and Adidas negative pro. These gloves have contact maximize finger tips which help a lot. I personally use these without the fingersaves as they are a bit heavy and I usually do not use fingersaves. The grip is amazing after a prewash. The durability is good, only minor scuffs after playing on turf 10 times. Overall a great glove, they are a little big so do not go up a size, stay at your normal size. It may take a couple of practices to get used to the contact maximizer cut, but after that they are amazing and the best gloves I have had!
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Great Gloves - Apr 18, 2013
Player: Jonathan May (Houston)

These gloves are amazing!!, I have used adidas before, the allround, ultimate, and fingertip supreme, I have been impresed with every single pair of glove. I have tried Reusch G2 , Nike Premier, Confidence, gunn cut and vapor grip 3, but none of these brands are better than the Adidas Ultimate. Amazing grip and its so easy to catch the ball with these gloves, they are also very durable compared to the other brands. The fingersave is also very good, I do not like Reusch Ortha-Tech, i fell like I cannot move my hands, but with adidas I can move my fingers freely.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

Fantastic gloves! - Apr 16, 2013
Player: Steven (Flagstaff, AZ USA)

I have owned three different pairs of Adidas Predator Ultimate and these are my third pair. Been using it for about half an year and it's still in decent condition although it's showing some wear now because I play on turf fields and people I play with are pretty hardcore. Well.. these gloves are really thick and bulky, which is nice. I prefer my gloves to be bulky so that my hands will be protected well enough. If you are used to Nike or negative cut gloves, which always fit perfectly to your hands, then these might feel pretty weird for the first week or so because fingers are always an inch longer than standard size just for your protection. Grip is great. Not the most sticky gloves, because of its bulkiness, but when it comes to stopping a shot, tipping a ball over, or punching it away, it shows its worth. It's so thick and soft that you wouldn't even feel a thing besides thumping noise your gloves will make after you stopped a shot. Fingersave spines are pretty darn stiff. Although the product description says that these are finger locking spines, these actually are 'flexible spines' in adidas version, which is semi-finger locking and semi-flexible. You can always take them out though, so you do not have to worry to much about it. If you still have them on though, they will protect your fingers for sure. Never seen anybody hurting their fingers with these gloves on, so you can trust me on this part. haha In conclusion, fantastic gloves! Lasts long, still has that grip although I have been playing with some rough guys, looks amazing, and very comfortable when you put these on. I definitely recommend these if you would like to protect your hands and become a quality keeper at the same time. P.S. Marked it as true to size because palm itself is perfectly true to size. It's just fingers that are 1 inch longer than standard size.
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Excellent Gloves! - Dec 24, 2012
Player: Lauren (California)

I have a pair of these gloves and they are the best I've ever bought! I play for 2 different clubs and these have lasted two seasons with out any problems! I expect them to last at least 2 more! The all around protection is so nice! You never have to worry about finger problems! I HIGHLY recommend these gloves for both indoor and outdoor soccer! Adidas gloves are great but, these are by far the best!
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