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Image of Asics DS Light X-Fly K - White/Deep Blue/Lime is not availble

Customer reviews for Asics DS Light X-Fly K - White/Deep Blue/Lime

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Blown Away - Sep 27, 2013
Player: DC (Texas)

I used to be an all in Adidas fan as well. Ive worn Adidas since I started playing soccer and did not stop. When Adidas turned away from the bladed cleats I had to look around and I was a little unsure when I bought these but they are amazing. The cut outs in the studs make the grip as though they are bladed cleats in terms of traction which is great and the stud pressure is super light. I myself am a pretty big at 6'2" 175lbs and these cleats do not give at all under pressure. Playing forward I can cut in these at the hardest angles and they never have slipped once even for my size and weight. I would say these shoes are for anyone who is turning away from Adidas after they quit the bladed cleat. These are the shoes ill be wearing for a long time.
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Great boot! - Sep 08, 2013
Player: dave c (huntington, wv)

Best boot on the market! Sizing is spot on and the feel is amazing. I used to be an Adidas fan. Wore them throughout my college an adult league playing years. I bought a pair of Asics Copero for indoor and fell in love. So I thought I'd try my luck with a stud boot from Asics. As soon as I put them on out of The box I officially stopped being an adidas guy. I love the weight and the feel. Next to no stud pressure and my ankles feel very stable. I can't say enough about how well these shoes perform and hold up. Asics has stepped up to compete with and thus far, out perform the "big names" on the market.
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HIgh Quality Boot - Aug 08, 2013
Player: Joe (Knoxville, TN)

Asics really manufactured a great playing boot, overall this pair of DS Light X-fly in kangaroo leather feel and performed well on your feet. The fact that the leather upper extends from heel to toe it makes for a good snug comfortable fit. What really amazes me is the combination of the light weight but yet good quality materials. Got this a pair at a local store a couple weeks ago and definitely it has been money well spent. The only but minor complaint it's the lack of cushioning on the insole, but being considered a light weight cleat it's very understandable. I would definitely
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sizing? - May 16, 2013
Player: Mike (Colorado)

I want to get these in black but I don't know what size to order. I wear a size 9 in predator lz's and a 9.5 in nike ctr 360 maestri III's. I wear both of these very snug. Can anyone who has these chime in on what size they think I should get? Thanks
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Great! - May 11, 2013
Player: Michael (Monterey, CA USA)

Just received these yesterday, had one practice session, and I am already in love with them. I have a pair of Adidas Adizero F50 TRX FG black/black/Infared and love everything about them EXCEPT the stud pressure. I could instantly tell these Asics wouldn't have that same issue as the "ball of the foot" stud isn't directly under the ball of my foot. To boot, pun intended, these are as comfortable as all the reviews I came across claimed. I don't normally write reviews but I am that happy with these. FWIW, I wear a size 10 in my Adidas Adizeros and the size 10 Asics fit perfect
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Great boot - May 08, 2013
Player: Erick (Illinois)

I just got this shoe today, and right out of the box I can say this shoe looks awesome, upon wearing them I noticed that it does run a little bit narrow, not much though considering I have a really wide foot. I would definitely recommend this shoe to anyone with a wide foot, also there is almost no stud pressure, you can feel them just a little but definitely not as much as nikes or pumas another thing I loved about this shoe its that its very light considering its an all around Kangaroo leather shoe. Once I play with them I will leave another review on how they feel in action, but considering how the feel right off the box I'm certain that they will perform fantastic...One more thing, just because they are not adidas nike or puma does not mean they are not a good shoe, I have owned all brands of soccer shoes, and by far I can say that this shoe beats them all...
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Asics DS Light - Dec 10, 2012
Player: Connor (Wheaton, IL)

This is an awesome shoe. One of the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. I used the DS Light for my senior collegiate soccer year, and I loved them. The heel is extremely comfortable I would compare it to the Nike Tiempos but more comfortable. After playing with these for about a week, the leather formed to my foot and felt very soft. I love these shoes, and I finally feel comfortable recommending an Asics cleat to a soccer player.
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Showing 1-7 of 7 reviews | 1 |