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Customer reviews for Nike Goalkeeper Premier SGT Goalkeeper Glove - White/Pink Flash

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Best nike GK glove on the market - May 19, 2013
Player: Mario (Toronto, ON)

Been using Sells Wrap Aqua Elite rolled finger for several years now. Bought 3 pairs of the Nike Premier SGT flat palm for the 2013 season and overall best glove I have ever used... the grip is amazing no pre wash required, protection and quality far more superior to the vg3. Comfort wise better than the confidence GK. To me sgt is the best fitting glove in nikes lineup and one of the top bang for your buck type gloves on the market. Durability... no issues at all one pair used for about 25 training sessions and one pair used for about 10 games all on turf. Just a word of advice, fingersaves are great and all if you are a beginner but I would never ever compare a higher performing glove to a fingersave glove. Note on sizing... I find all Nikes to fit one size larger then most gloves also dont forget you want a little bit of room on your fingertips.
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Amazing grip but terrible craftmanship. - Apr 16, 2013
Player: Steven (Flagstaff, AZ USA)

Grip is absolutely amazing. Once you pull it out of a bag, then there is a plastic screen thing covering the whole palm. It's kind of annoying to take those out, but it also gets kind of entertaining too. Compared to my adidas fingersave ultimate, these things are definitely smaller. Well considering that adidas always makes bulky gloves, not too surprising, right? Fingers actually fit perfectly, which is great. When it comes to craftmanship part though, it is just terrible. When I first tried to put it on, I was like 'what the heck?' Palm latex is literally barely sewed properly and it's always on the way when I'm putting my hands in. Have no clue how long will it last. There's a possibility that barely sewn part will just get torn up really easily, so be careful if you play on turf or dirt fields. Grip though, is fantastic. Even better than my adidas fingersave ultimate even though I would not like to admit that fact. It feels like you're grabbing a ball with your bare hands, but it's actually geting protected by 4mm of latex, which is pretty thick. Ventilation also is amazing. Was trying out these gloves for thirty minutes pretty hardcore, but my hands were not that sweaty because the gloves were ventilating perfectly. In conclusion, nice gloves! Looks really cool, fantastic grip, and good fit. But! Keep in mind that craftmanship is terrible. Mine is already showing a couple threads coming out -_-
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful:

Amazing - Feb 13, 2013
Player: Juan Bosque (Waukegan,Ill)

i've had two different models of the Premier SGT, both the flat palm and the reverse stitch, and let me tell you that the grip on both is amazing, probably the best i've ever had. The gloves latex comes with like a plastic screen to protect it, but after you take it off there is no need for a prewash, although a prewash would not hurt.The only reason i do not give the flatpalm sgt a full 5 stars is because the fit around the fingers is a little tight, although the negative cut SGT's would get a full 5 stars because the fit is great. All around amazing glove, free feel all throughout. These gloves hold up great if you make sure to wash them after every game or every week. sadly soccer.com does not offer there reverse stitch SGT's, but eastbay does.
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Showing 1-3 of 3 reviews | 1 |