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College Opporunities for Student Athletes

SoccerPlus Camps

SoccerPlus Camps ... much more than just training ...

College Opportunities for Student Athletes magazine, since 1991, written with several hundred college coaches, specifically to help subscribers get to college and on the team ... often with full scholarships.

Summer camps are, in our opinion, the best way to get to know the college coach you may some day play for. Coaches use camps to train and evaluate future members of their teams. Summer camps provide an ideal environment for both student athlete and coach to thoroughly prepare and improve the quality of the recruiting decision.

For these important reasons we publish our book, The Best Soccer Camps and dedicate the Spring Edition of our magazine, College Opportunities for Student Athletes to detailed reviews of only 100 summer camp operators, nationwide.

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SoccerPlus Camps ... much more than just training ...

Tony DiCicco is a national treasure.

We have worked with Tony for 10 years. Throughout all those years he has gladly volunteered his time to provide a column in Student Athlete magazine. And he certainly had his hands full coaching the Women's USA team and fending off challenges from the Chinese and the Norwegians to win the Olympic Gold Medal and World Cup Championship. Then there was the immense responsibility of launching WUSA, America's Professional Soccer League for Women. He is one of the founding fathers of the game in America, yet is as unpretentious and approachable as any soccer dad with four sons playing ... and that is his other full time job!

Attending his camps, now offered for both keepers and field players in 25 states, will consistently present players with the best quality training and competition delivered in a professional, well organized manner.

The SoccerPlus philosophy is to create an open learning environment built around a structure of positive reinforcement. Students immediately respond to an atmosphere which allows for valuable coach/player interaction. The SoccerPlus program is designed to build upon the camper's successes. Coaches are trained to maximize the camper's strengths, recognize shortcomings and provide solutions necessary to make the player better.

Information and registration: www.soccerpluscamps.com


Summer Camps: Much More Than Training

Every camp here has been selected in our Best Soccer Camps book. The current edition of our Best Soccer Camps book contains only 100 selected camps from the more than 500 summer soccer camps.

Is this approach working? When have you seen so many camp ads and articles, anywhere, ever? Think about this. We talk to more serious soccer families and more truly dedicated college coaches, in one year, than anyone. And we help readers find the good camps that can affect their college futures, and their lives.

Now, consider what serious players do for top camps. Competitive players make the camp a success, elevate the level of play, and challenge other players. They stimulate the coaching staff. Everyone learns more and has more fun. And sometimes, a player catches the eye of a coach because, "Those campers were working so hard they looked like college players." ... the rest ... perhaps, is history!

Readers refer to our Student Athlete magazine as the "Consumer Reports" of College-Bound sports. We are proud to have earned your respect. When we compile our Special Campers Issues we invite only camps recommended in our Best Camps book to advertise. We've done our homework. All of these camps are good!

As parents of serious student athletes, we know how expensive, yet important, good camp selection is. Add the camp's cost, airfare, new clothes, new equipment, spending money, telephone, ground transportation and family gifts ... a residential camp’s cost can total $1000!

What are the alternatives, once you've learned how to how play, for getting noticed by the college coaches?

The three most important things to do, to increase your chances of playing sports in college are:

1. Participate in the ODP
2. Win state cup with your club team
3. Attend camp at the college where you hope to play

Camp selection is the only event YOU can control. By the end of the camp, both you and the coach will know if his college is in your future. If the news is not good, ask him to recommend colleges where you can play, and to use him as a reference.


Bob Collins, Editor
Student Athlete Scholarships Foundation
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