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Every Day

10% Off

300 points = $10


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Goal Club FAQ


How do I get my Goal Club discount?

You don’t need a code, you will always pay the lower Goal Club price (in gold next to every item) when logged into your Goal Club account. All discounted pricing will be clearly marked on the product page. Once in a while you may see a note that that you must “Add to cart to view Goal Club price”.

How do I earn points?

You will receive your Goal Club points — one per every dollar spent — once every item you order has shipped. *Goal Club points earned are clearly identified on each product page. After you earn 300 points, we’ll automatically send you a $10 voucher to spend on SOCCER.COM.  You can see how close you are to your next coupon on your Goal Club account page. You can also change how often you are mailed coupons with the EDIT SCHEDULE Button. Points are assigned based on the Goal Club price, before customization, shipping and taxes and after any gift cards or coupons are applied to the order and are rounded down to the nearest dollar amount. Goal Club points are not earned on loyalty membership purchases or gift card purchases.

NOTE: You must be logged into your Goal Club account when you make a purchase to earn points.

Can I earn Goal Club Points without making a purchase?

Yes, register your social accounts here ( and earn points by following, sharing, liking, and more. Earn 100 points instantly for registering. You must be a Goal Club member in order to receive social rewards points.

How can I tell how many points are earned for each product?

Goal Club points are clearly identified on each product page and will say “GOAL CLUB BENEFITS APPLY”. The points are the points you will earn on that product purchase. . For every 300 points earned, you can choose to receive a $10 coupon voucher that will be emailed to you according to monthly scheduling. You also have the option to save points to earn larger vouchers. 600 points = $20 voucher. 900 points =$30 voucher. 1200 points = $40 voucher. You can edit your coupon schedule anytime you choose to. Upon login to your account, click on “edit schedule”. It’s that easy!

Can I purchase a product with Goal Club points?

Sorry you cannot. Points are turned into coupon vouchers.

How do I redeem points?

You will be mailed a $10 coupon code for every 300 points you earn. You can also choose to bank your points for larger coupons i.e. 600 points equals a $20 coupon, 1200 points equals a $40 coupon, and so on by editing which coupon you want on your account page under “edit schedule.”
NOTE: Coupons cannot be used to cover shipping costs and taxes.

How do I make sure I’m receiving Goal Club exclusive offers?

Make sure your preferences are correctly set on your Goal Club account page and adjust your spam filters on your email server.

Do I really earn 10% off every order?

Yes, with just a few exceptions. The Goal Club 10% off price is next to every applicable item on SOCCER.COM. It does not apply to certain products that are subject to vendor rules and regulations outside of our control, club/team/uniform orders, and/or recommended/required items in team/club stores as those have already received bulk/team discounts. 

Is my membership really for life?

If you paid for your Goal Club membership, your Goal Club membership will not expire.

Can I give my Goal Club vouchers to a friend, family member, neighbor, etc. to use towards their order if I don’t want to use it? Do they need to be a Goal Club member?

YES! Grow the game any way you see fit! If you choose not to use your coupon reward, you may gift it to anyone (Goal Club and non-Goal Club members) to use on their order. Just let them know it is a one time use code and they will need to enter the discount code in the box labeled DISCOUNT CODE in the shopping cart while checking out. Thanks for paying it forward and continuing to grow the game!

MORE Goal Club Coupons FAQ:

When do I get new coupons?

Check your inbox or online account - we'll send you a $10 code for every 300 points you earn at the end of each month. You'll be sent the highest denomination you qualify for OR you can set your preference for the denomination you'd like to save for on your account page.

Default options if you choose to edit your schedule are set as follows:

  • 300 points = $10 (DEFAULT option unless you change),
  • 600 points = $20,
  • 1,500 points = $50,
  • 3,000 points = $100,
  • 15,000 points = $500,
  • 30,000 points = $1000 

How do I redeem my coupons?

Coupons may be used on any order by entering the code in the promotions box in the cart. The coupon amount will apply to merchandise and customization, but not shipping charges and taxes. The coupon is one-time use and any remaining balance not used on the order will be lost.  All coupons must be redeemed on a current, open order and not applied retroactively to already open orders. Nor can an expired coupon be reissued, extended, or reapplied.

Why isn't my coupon working?

Only one coupon of any value can be added to an order, i.e. you can use a $10 and a $20 coupon but not two $20 coupons on the same order. Make sure you haven't entered the code in the cart in another browser or device. Removing the code from your old cart should fix the issue.

How long do I have to use my coupon?

Coupons expire after 6 months. We'll send you email reminders to use your coupon so you don't miss out on any value.

Goal Club Social Rewards FAQ:

How can I earn points with the social rewards program?

Register with our social rewards program and connect your social media accounts to earn points. Complete various social media activities for more points. Follow @soccerdotcom on Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date on promotions.

How do I register for Goal Club social reward points?

  1. Register with our social rewards program HERE:
  2. Click "register" and select a social media channel.
  3. Enter your information and click "complete.'
  4. Connect your social media profile(s) and follow us to earn extra points. You must have your social media profiles set to "public" in order to receive rewards.

I'm having issues registering. Why can't I connect my account?

You must use a valid Goal Club account email to register with our social rewards program. Be sure that the email associated with your Goal Club account matches the email used when registering for our social rewards program.
How do I know if I have received Goal Club points for completing social media activities?

Make sure that your social media profile accounts are set to “public.” To adjust these settings, visit Twitter and Instagram to change to a public profile. Points will be updated and added to your Goal Club account; please allow up to 7 days for your social rewards points to appear. To see your Goal Club points balance, sign in to your account to view your rewards.

Will SOCCER.COM automatically post on my social media channels?

Nope. We will never post on your behalf.

How can I disconnect my social media accounts and remove the application?   

Visit the following links to remove the application.

*10% off does not apply to certain products that are subject to rules and regulations, club/team/uniform orders, and/or recommended/required items in team/club stores as those have already received bulk/team discounts. 

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