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Indoor Soccer Gear Guide
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Indoor Soccer Gear Guide

Posted on October 7, 2015


In addition to specific shoes for indoor play, indoor soccer does come with some specialized gear for about the ankles. There are balls specifically designed for the fast pace of indoor play and futsal, goakeeper gloves that can withstand the demands of playing on turf or hardwood and apparel designed especially for those players who choose to take their game inside.


Designed for quick passing and excellent touch during short-sided games, these balls are made to stand-up to the intense pace of indoor play.


adidas Freefootball Sala 5×5 Soccer Ball  
Low rebound for enhanced control. The adidas Freefootball Sala is machine-stitched TPU for soft touch and excellent durability.


Nike Rolinho Clube Pro Soccer Ball 
Nike’s Rolinho Clube Pro is official futsal size and weight with a low-bounce bladder for excellent control on hard courts.


Select Futsal Jinga Senior Soccer Ball 
The Jinga has a low bounce butyl bladder for perfect control. It’s a great ball for all levels of indoor play.


PUMA King Futsal Senior Soccer Ball 
PUMA King Futsal Senior is a durable indoor ball that offers soft touch on the court. This is a great ball for fast play on hardwood.


Nike Indoor Soccer Ball 
Nike’s Indoor ball has a butyl rubber bladder for maximum air retention on hard surfaces and is Geo Balanced for a straight flight. The Nike Indoor ball is designed for precise passes and excellent touch during short-sided games.


The demands of play on indoor surfaces require a glove with more durability. These gloves are designed to withstand the demands of play on hardwood and artificial turf.


Select Futsal Goalkeeper Glove 
Fingerless design ensures a natural feel on the ball and accurate ball handling. This Select Futsal glove has a rough profile German latex palm and an extremely durable 1.5 mm thick backhand that are made to withstand the pace of futsal play. (Apologies for the creepy finger picture.)


HO Soccer Futsal Glove 13
HO Soccer Futsal Glove 13 is designed for the rigors of the futsal game and hardwood surfaces. It has Fingerless design creates improved control during fast futsal play.


Lanzera gloves also make a great option for players who play indoor, as many Lanzera match gloves come with a bonus free pair of Lanzera training gloves that are excellent for indoor play.


Though the actual uniform, training wear, socks and shinguards are the same for indoor and outdoor soccer, there are certain considerations to keep in mind for indoor play.

Protective Gear

The indoor game though played on unforgiving surfaces is a much, much faster game. This combo can result in potential for injuries, which makes protective gear a necessity for many players.

Protective apparel for goalkeepers who play indoor soccer is key. Padded pants, shirts and shorts are a great option. Full selection is here.

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Field protection gear like slider shorts and enhanced 3/4 pants are great for protection from the hard wood and artificial turf. Full selection is here.

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Headgear can also be essential for some indoor players. Find all of SOCCER.COM’s head protection here.

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Though usually played in a space with a controlled environment, a compression base layer is still useful for indoor play. Compression helps regulates body for play in heated indoor facilities. Full selection of compression gear is here.

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Indoor is played during cold winter months and it’s always a good idea for have extra layers as for moving from the cold outdoors to the artificially headed indoor courts. Full warm-up selection here.


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