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Play Test: adidas Messi 15.1 White/Prime Blue
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Play Test: adidas Messi 15.1 White/Prime Blue

Posted on September 21, 2015


After debuting his first custom-designed cleat in the Metallic Ice/Bright Yellow/Core Black colorway in last season’s UCL Final with great success, the best player in the world and adidas released their second color drop in the new Messi 15.1 White/Prime Blue combo for him to wear this year as he competes this year as a defending champion.

Messi had a lot of personal input into the design, so I took this classy new color update out onto the training field to see how this technology helps the Argentine maestro perform at his best every time he takes the field.

Messi’s game hinges around close control, quick changes of direction and deadly accuracy. Most players are categorized into either speed or control cleats, but Messi falls somewhere in between the two, and it is his strength in both aspects of the game that makes him such a unique talent.

The Messi 15.1 mirrors those strengths and, weighing in at 8.2 ounces, is almost like a hybrid of the X and ACE silos.

Fit and Feel

After all of their experience in making soccer cleats, adidas has refined the shape and fit of their current range down to a fine art. The Messi 15.1’s run true to size and have a shape similar to that of the old F50 while offering a lot more support and comfort, especially in the heel/mid-foot area.

Touch and Control

It has been well documented in the past that Leo prefers a soft, supple upper to enhance his already magical first touch and close control, and he has opted to wear leather versions of previous models in the past.

The messiTOUCH dimpled forefoot material is actually a lightweight synthetic with a cushioned mesh backing but is so soft and responsive that it feels almost exactly like real leather. The benefits of this material being a synthetic are that it is lighter, more durable and less prone to overstretching, while the leather-like touch affords you the ability to manipulate the ball exactly as you like.



The feature that immediately catches your attention on this new color combination is the MessiFRAME mid-foot support cage. This element is made from a flexible rubberized material and is connected to the lacing system so that when you synch your laces tight, it really locks your foot in place comfortably and prevents any slipping around inside the shoe.

When testing the 15.1’s I felt noticeably more secure when cutting and changing direction sharply.


Flipping the cleat over, you can see the unique looking outsole that adidas call MessiGAMBETRAX. This is really like the skeleton of a traditional outsole and is made to provide optimal traction for Messi’s lightning-quick changes of direction while also reducing the overall weight. This feature works well and I think it ties nicely in with the look of the rest of the shoe.

In a nice touch, adidas has also included the Messi logo on the middle forefoot stud. A symbol, meaning that the Barca and Argentine star will leave his mark on every field that he plays on with these cleats.

Final thoughts


After taking the Messi 15.1’s out for testing, it became clear that the technology on the cleats worked really well. While, unfortunately, they don’t make you play like Lionel, the cleats definitely enhance your sense of stability, touch on the ball and comfort.

If you model your game around players like Messi and prefer a classy, understated colorway in a relatively lightweight package, the new Messi 15.1 White/Prime Blue is the perfect option.

Normal Play Test Size: 9

Play Test Size: 9

Field Type: Artificial grass

Weather Conditions: Sunny

Shop the entire Messi 15.1 range here at SOCCER.COM.

Let us know what you think of the new Messi 15.1 colorway with a comment in the section below.

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