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Play Test: Nike MagistaX
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Play Test: Nike MagistaX

Posted on April 14, 2015


For all you indoor, turf, and small-sided players, Nike brings its latest technology to your feet to enhance your technical and flashy style of play.

The already-popular SCCRX series, released just two weeks ago, features the Mercurial SuperflyX and the MagistaX, both available in IC (indoor) and TF (turf).

I had the chance to have a kick-around session in the MagistaX IC version of this exciting new line of footwear.

Fit & Feel

If you’ve had the chance to try out a shoe with Nike’s latest dynamic fit collar, you know that it makes it much more difficult to get your foot in. However, once locked in, the sock-like feel outclasses anything you’ve ever had wrapped around your feet. Something about the dual-purpose of the shoe, casual/lifestyle and playing, as well as the clean design, gives me the desire to wear them all the time.

As advertised, the Magista line accommodates wider feet than the Superfly line, and it is apparent when you have had the chance to try both. I normally wear a size 9.5 Nike casual shoe, but I like my training footwear to be tighter so I tested a size 9 this time in the Magista X. If you are planning on playing in these more than just wearing them around, I would suggest ordering the tighter Nike size, because they will stretch a little from all the running and cutting.


Touch & Control

The Nike Regrind technology covering the upper not only protects the FlyKit structure, but it also adds additional grip for more control and a closer touch. Conversely, for players who demand a sticky upper for their touch, there are other ICs with stronger grip technology. Personally, in small-sided, the outsole is more important in terms of grip and control, so the comfortable, forgiving FlyKnit upper of the Magista X is more than sufficient for my style of play.



The FlyKnit upper is fairly thin and not intended to offer an exceptionally powerful strike. However, with the barefoot-like feel, I felt like I was able to guide my shots and passes with accuracy and a fair amount of pace. For small-sided play, precision and finesse are preferred over power, so this shoe designed perfectly in terms of structure and function.


Outsole & Traction

The rubber outsole did not feel much different than any other Nike ICs that I have worn in the past. The SCCRX IC outsole features a hexagonal pattern for multi-directional quickness. For me, the single most important property of an IC (indoor court) shoe is an outsole with good traction in order to avoid slipping and to maintain good control with the ball under your foot. I found the Magista X to deliver on both accounts.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I was very impressed with the performance of the Magista X. To be honest, before testing this shoe, I did not fancy the dynamic fit-collar on any of Nike’s on-field cleats. However, I am a big fan of the sock-like fit on the indoor version because small-sided play demands tight touches and a lot of ball-work with the sole. An extension of the leg is an ideal fit for this type of play.

I recommend this shoe to any technical indoor players, especially those who like to wear their ICs around as casual shoes because I think this color way in particular delivers the perfect balance between simplicity and flare (notice the subtle geometric reflective graphics in the midfoot and heel).

Normal Nike size: 9/9.5

Play Test size: 9

Testing Surface: Asphalt/Wooden Court

Testing conditions: Dry

Shop the Nike Magista X IC and the rest of the SCCRX series here at SOCCER.COM.

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