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Play Test Review: New Balance Furon Destroy Gloves
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Play Test Review: New Balance Furon Destroy Gloves

Posted on March 13, 2017


During my goalkeeping career, I earned First Team All Conference Honors in high school where I won a state championship and earned MVP Awards. I went on to become the starting keeper at The University of Alabama for three out of my four years. 

There, I earned All-SEC, All-Region and Team MVP Honors. I tied the school record for most shutouts in a season and finished my career tied for second in shutouts in program history.


New Balance has boldly entered the world of goalkeeping, launching its first ever gloves in the Furon Destroy. After watching Leicester City shotstopper Kasper Schmeichel compete in them, I was eager to get my hands in a pair and put them to the test.

First Impressions

Immediately after unboxing the NB Furon Destroy Gloves, the color is what stood out to me the most. The bright orange backhand with grey accents and a white palm gives the glove a traditional feel combined with a bright, bold look.

I also noticed the Flat Palm Cut, which gives the glove a boxier design. I don’t normally wear gloves with this cut, so I was looking forward to experiencing them.

I was most excited about testing was the Finger Sling technology. It’s intended to keep your fingers stabilized and prevent your hand from sliding inside in the glove, offering premium grip when you need it most.


The NB Destroy Furon is a very comfortable glove and the Finger Sling technology definitely gave it a good and different feel. It provides pockets inside the fingertips to lock your fingers down onto the front side of the glove. This technology is the first of its kind and is patent pending.

This glove also has good grip and comfort right out of the bag. Normally, gloves can be slick and take time to break in, but there was break-in window for these.

The punch zone, which is a thicker padded area on the backhand, offers protection on crosses, even if they are driven. With the punch zone, I was able to get good distance and direct the ball when punching it to safety.

The Flat Palm Cut gave my fingers a good range of movement and allowed my hand to really form to the shape of the ball. It had good grip and made handling the ball feel natural and easy.



I did notice that this glove does not offer much support for the wrists because there is only a thin layer of breathable material on the backside wrist area. Some keepers may prefer this, but I like a little more support on the backhand, especially when facing powerful shots.

Also, keep in mind that there are no fingersaves in this glove. Personally, I wouldn’t consider this a disadvantage because I never play with gloves that have fingersaves. However, I’m aware that some keepers like to have them to protect their digits.

Final Thoughts

For an opening effort, I have to say New Balance did quite well with the Furon Destroy. It is lightweight, durable and offers a powerful punch zone. With the new Finger Sling technology, this glove introduces a first of its kind design that is definitely worth testing out for yourself.

You can shop the New Balance Furon Destroy Glove here at SOCCER.COM. 

Do you have questions about New Balance’s new glove? Leave them in the comments section below.

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