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Scholarships Replace Student Loans for Athletes
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Scholarships Replace Student Loans for Athletes

Posted on March 6, 2011


College Costs – Scholarships are now replacing student loans … for student athletes

Colleyville, TX – March 6, 2011 – SASF has helped one million families reduce college education costs.

The Student Athlete Scholarships foundation, a volunteer non-profit group teaches BOTH families AND college coaches how to successfully recruit one another. Our foundation, SASF, helps both groups succeed.

And just when it seemed life couldn’t get any more difficult …. It did.

The current financial crisis is a runaway beast, attacking anything in its path. Devouring home equity, banks, and insurance giants, this week it suddenly struck at all college-bound teenagers when it devoured student loans.

Families now realized that their lifeboat was missing. Though they never wanted to borrow for college expenses they always knew they could, if all else failed. And then one day, suddenly the lifeboat and the life preservers were gone … while the ship is swirling in a gigantic financial typhoon.

We were soccer parents in the 90’s; and were struck by thousands of college scholarship opportunities created by the rapid growth of soccer, and dramatic college cost increases (CNN: college cost growth surpassed even health care costs). We began exploring college preparation with our five year old and ten year old daughters.

See: It’s about the importance of beginning your preparation EARLY.

Our two daughters played soccer, got good grades in school, earned college soccer scholarships, then graduated DEBT FREE into great careers. A college education costs well over $100,000. The average college graduate today faces over $25,000 in undergraduate debts; costs are growing at 10% per year … that’s 6X family income growth!!

As our young daughters progressed through school and sports, we took good notes, and with the help of college coaches, wrote about what we were learning … that was 1 million magazines ago!

Our readers know that college expenses can be offset with money from five different sources:
1. Athletic scholarships
2. Merit scholarships
3. Work/study
4. Grants
5. Debt (when student loans are available)

Please understand that lofty prices asked by colleges (in Forbes Magazine’s America’s 50 Colleges, the top 10 aexceeded $50,000 per year) are primarily “fixed costs” (facilities and staff), while the “out-of-pocket” (cash) cost to fund a full scholarship student athlete is primarily food, costing only about $1000 per year, at Princeton or Centre College or The College of Charleston or Stanford or Indiana or your nearby state college.

For this important reason, the actual cash (out-of-pocket) cost for a student athlete’s food is still easily funded by universities, even in these difficult times. In fact, that $1000 may be the best investment a college can make in the marketing of its educational services to the public. College sports sell seats … seats in the classroom and in the stadium, The most watched college event in the world is always the Army – Navy football game. Colleges know they need sports and they need student athletes to win games.

While college coach travel expense cash budgets are slim, their scholarships allotments are generous; the four kinds of scholarships money above can still help meet a family’s financial needs. College coaches are expected to win games … every season … they are betting their jobs on the work of teenagers! This pressure to survive makes coaches very creative at financing scholarships packages for the talented players they need!

The GOOD NEWS for families of student athletes is, therefore, that in spite of today’s financial crisis, business as usual continues at college for student athletes, while students without athletic skills to make them more marketable, are facing one more new hurdle … funding education … an obstacle for which we do not see a solution.

Soccer is our family’s favorite sport, but it represents only about ten percent of college varsity (scholarship) sports; accordingly our publications and methods are designed to work in ALL college sports and can help over 500,000 college student athletes.

In fact, we take great pride in demonstrating this versatility, by pointing to a reader whose athletic scholarship at prestigious Columbia University was $160,000 … her sport? CHESS! Call and we’ll send you a reprint of her success story from our magazine.

College coaches are always delighted when a well qualified (both athletically and academically) student athlete approaches them. Our publications are designed to help both sellers (families) and buyers (coaches) meet.

Interview contact: Bob Collins, Editor
Student Athlete Scholarships foundation
Telephone: (561) 749-0207

Student Athlete Scholarships foundation,
4301 Brookhollow Dr.
Colleyville, TX 76034
Telephone; (561) 749-0207

SASF is a volunteer, non-profit group of collage coaches, parents and EUROSPORT publishing continuously since 1991; our work has helped over 1 million families get the kids to college, and on the team … often with full scholarships. This is our 20th year, made possible by a corporation with a heart in Hillsborough, NC, EUROSPORT. See BLOG at:

If you know of a corporation genuinely interested in helping student athletes get to college, call us. We can show corporations how our theme of “Doing Well by Doing Good” will improve their sales and customer loyalty.

Student Athlete Magazine

If you found this article helpful, please subscribe to Student Athlete Magazine and see our website ( for information about our College Scholarships SYSTEM that includes 3 books, 18 pamphlets and a video. Since 1991 our SYSTEM has helped over 1 million families get the kids to college and on the team … often with full scholarships.

Click here to visit us at The Student Athlete Scholarship Foundation

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