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Want to play football at an American College? Here's how!
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Want to play football at an American College? Here's how!

Posted on May 31, 2012


Pat Grecco is intimately aware of American college soccer teams workings, current recruiting requirements, budgets, coaching mentality, playing style, competitors, athletic department mission and a real understanding of the chemistry that is so important in successful placement. American college coaches want to recruit qualified foreign players, but simply do not know how to make themselves feel comfortable with the risks of importing student athletes from thousands of miles away.

Remember, American college coaches are betting their own jobs on assembling teams that win games. Pat Grecco’s student athlete candidates consistently confirm her appreciation of each college coach’s unique requirements. Her thorough understanding of how to deliver talented foreign players to the American college game is a reason why she was inducted into the Soccer Hall of Fame. Thousands of American college coaches bet their jobs on Pat Grecco.

(Pat Grecco – 100% success rate in placing student athletes)

Pat said, “Not so bad for a girl from the Bronx.”

Translation: Everyone has heard of Brooklyn, but maybe not The Bronx … the second most visible of New York City’s five boroughs is a microcosm of the United Nations … ethnic villages … populated and refreshed with waves of ambitious risk-taking immigrants whose roots grew from Europe 150 years ago. Welcome to The Bronx.

We have known Pat Grecco for over twenty years; a contributing author and advisor to our publications, saying we love her is an understatement. Our readers know her as “the single person who has helped more student atletes get to college … more than anyone one the planet.”

When we met Pat in the early ‘90s she was a soccer mom who had successfully launched her own student athletes into their college educations on soccer scholarships, and was busy directing College Advisory work for the largest US Club, the 100,000 strong Long Island Junior Soccer Leaague.

It was 1991. We had relocated from Europe to Florida, after living in several European countries for around 12 years. Our two girls were born in Germany and England, and we all returned with a sense that student athletes, worldwide, yearned to study and play in America, but there was simply no help for them.

Soccer was and is the world’s most popular sport, so our family was drawn to that fledgling sport in America. Simultaneously, we were struck with the runaway costs of college and the little known fact that colleges were funding thousands of student athletes … 50,000 in soccer … 500,000 in all varsity sports.

Lights went off in our brains and our family was soon publishing magazines to help American student athletes get to college, and get on the teams, often with full scholarships. Our two girls, with Pat Grecco’s help, earned $250,000 in college soccer scholarships.

(What does all of this have to do with the Bronx, you are thinking, eh?)

We often compare our publications to Pat Grecco’s consulting work as Home Depot Vs. your building contractor. We at SASF prefer to focus on publishing and distributing information to many DIY (Do It Yourself) people Vs. turnkey consulting. You want a garage built? We sell boards, nails, paint … Pat delivers the finished garage and guarantees it.

Finally, the point. When a student athlete, Floris DeKlerk, contacted me from Holland, one of our favorite countries, and some say, “The Birthplace of European Football” I immediately understood that he needed one-on-one consulting, and introduced him to Pat. Her detailed knowledge of American college soccer programs, paired Floris with a coach who appreciated the high quality of soccer in Holland. Soon Floris DeKlerk was playing on a scholarship at Davis and Elkins College in West Virginia. Pat’s International service was born.

International student athletes placed in USA by Pat Grecco

Donna Simpson, England, Champlain College, VT
Preben Gietz, Belgium, Clark University, MA
Floris de Klerk Holland, Davis and Elkins, WV
Jack Binns, England, Bellarmine University, KY
Sophie Legros, France, Harvard, MA
T. J. Yumoto, Japan, Goucher College, MD
Fernando Ruedo, Columbia, City University of NY
Megan Nugent, Ireland, New York Institute of Technology
Shamsoun Dikori, The Sudan, Pfeiffer University, NC
Natnael Mammo, Ethiopia Pfeiffer University, NC
Joseph Woldeyesus, Ethiopia, Pfeiffer University, NC
Juan Manual Sanchez de La Palma, Mexico, Regis U, CO
Amelia Pietrangelo, Canada, Rutgers University, NJ
Andrew Blackadder, Northern Ireland, Stony Brook U, NY
Xiosi Gong, China; Columbia University, NY
Ryan Ash, South Africa, Dowling College, NY
Gerald Sheaffer, Germany, Warner Southern, FL
Kalabe Gisela, S. Africa, Waynesburg U., PA
Anfonso Gomez, Mexico, Undecided
Malek Mabiot, Kenya, Bellhaven, Jackson, MS
Andrew Brown, Japan, Pace University, NY
Oscar Zapata, Peru, Clark U, MA
Samantha Calvet, Thailand, Hofstra, NY
Bienvenue Ntwari, Burundi, Wesleyan, OH


Floris from Holland, was placed by Pat years ago, Today Pat is recognized by American college coaches and their athletic directors, as the leader in the placement of foreign student athletes, worldwide. The outstanding skills and commitment brought by those foreign players, today make winning teams in every Division of the most successful American colleges.

Looking back at why the pieces came together so perfectly and have made her the leader in this field. Here are some factors:

1. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport creating a vast, deep pool of talent, worldwide; conversely, American soccer continues to live in the shadow of football, basketball and baseball, failing to compete successfully at the world level. American colleges want foreign players and are rewarded with exciting wins when coaches manage to recruit them. Enter Pat Grecco.

2. Pat’s early work was entirely soccer, she is well known by most American college soccer coaches. A member of The Soccer Hall of Fame, she has placed thousands of talented soccer student athletes and earned the respect of college coaches (today her work has expanded to include all college sports).

3. American college coaches are uncomfortable with recruiting abroad, lacking travel budgets, language skills and international awareness. Most do not even own current passports.

4. Pat is intimately aware of American college soccer teams workings, current recruiting requirements, budgets, coaching mentality, playing style, competitors, athletic department mission and a sense of each program’s unique chemistry that is so important in successful placement.

5. Student Athlete Scholarships publications are visible, worldwide, due to of our affiliations with EUROSPORT and Time, Inc. Pat is the only consultant that we recommend because of her professionalism and 100% track record. She has never failed to place a student athlete into a college opportunity.

Not so bad for a girl from the Bronx. The significance? Pat’s worldwide consulting service operates from New York, near the Bronx where she grew up. Today she is the meeting point for her contacts with thousands of American college coaches. Those coaches are the “buyers” of the work that student athletes “sell” for education. And with every athlete she places, her reputation for successful bonding of college opportunity with athletic talent grows and grows. Kind of like the Stock Exchange, also in New York.

If you are a student athlete with good sports skills and good grades, visit Pat Grecco’s website at: America is the land of opportunity for everyone who is willing to work hard and grow … student athletes are welcome.

(Pat and husband Frank with Hall Of Fame Award)

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