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How to Shop

On the Eurosport home page, you'll see the Search box in the top-left corner of the screen. You can search for items by their name or item number. Item numbers can be found in your Eurosport catalog next to the products. Type your search into the box and click SEARCH.

Our search engine will return with a complete list of items that fit your search.

If you're not exactly sure what product you'd like or if you just want to have a look around, the menu bar underneath the Search Box is great place to start. You'll find every product we currently have available in one of these sections.

After the Search Engine has found a list of products that fits your search, you can click on any item that interests you. Each product will be listed with its regular price and Goal Club price. For more information on Eurosport's Goal Club click here.

Next, you will arrive at the product information page. Everything you need to know about the item can be found here, including a large picture, pricing and a detailed description of the product.

You can even take an enhanced view of some products, by using the special 360 feature. Just click on 360 to take an item for a test spin.

Once you find something you'd like, it's time to make some choices. Use the interactive menus to specify which color, size and quantity you want to buy. After you've made your selections, click on "ADD TO GEAR BAG" to continue. SOCCER.COM's online shopping cart is the "Gear Bag," which is useful in a variety of ways.

You have three options on this screen. Click "Continue Shopping" to keep browsing, your items will be saved in the Gear Bag. You can return at anytime by adding another item to the Gear Bag or clicking "Gear Bag" at the top of the screen.

The Gear Bag also makes comparing products easy. Just put the products you're considering in the Gear Bag and compare. If you would like to get rid of an item, check the box beside the product under delete and click on "Update Gear Bag"

You can also check to see if the item you've selected is available. You should see "In Stock" if we have it ready to ship to you or "Backorder" if we don't. For more info on backorders click "here"

If you're finished shopping and everything looks the way you want it in your Gear Bag, click "Place Order". You'll be carried through our easy order process.